WATCH: Top GOPer Accidentally Admits He’s Coordinating Attacks On Mueller With White House

Over the past few months, Jim Jordan (R-OH) has been one of the shrillest critics of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, even going so far as to question the integrity of both Mueller and his boss, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, when the Deputy AG appeared before the House Judiciary Committee.

But now, thanks to a verbal slip-up from Jordan during an appearance on CNN, we know that he and his GOP allies in Congress are merely carrying water for the Trump administration, willing puppets who are only too happy to spread lies and propaganda because they know the Mueller investigation is about to take down Trump.

CNN host John Berman was interviewing Congressman Jordan Wednesday evening and asked him if he’d “had conversations with the White House about the Mueller investigation.”

Rather than respond, Jordan tried to dodge the question by talking over Berman. But he finally relented and said something he probably wishes he could take back:

“Well of co– I talk with the White House about all kinds of things. We’ve had talks with the White House about tax policy, we have talks about welfare policy, we had talks about Obamacare — of course we’ve had talks with the White House.”


Jordan has also been peddling a theory that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were plotting to take down Trump before the 2016 election. But as Think Progress notes in a report, that crock of bull doesn’t hold water:

“There’s a major and obvious hole in Jordan’s theory, however — if the FBI was colluding with Clinton during the election, then why did FBI Director James Comey go out of his way to publicize the Clinton email investigation just days before the election? Prominent pollsters such as Nate Silver have concluded that the negative publicity Comey’s move generated for Clinton may have cost her the presidency.”

Berman also flummoxed Jordan by asking him directly:

“You think James Comey — it went all the way to the top of the FBI — to keep Donald Trump from being president. If that’s true, why then did he come out, again, and open up the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails, and never even tell us before the election about the investigation into alleged Trump collusion? If he was trying to keep Donald Trump from getting elected, don’t you think he might tell voters that?”

Jordan could only reply:

“We’ll find out.”

Jordan and all of the other Republicans who are so eager to defend Trump need to answer some questions of their own such as this one: When did they first know about contacts with Russia by the Trump team, and how much money have each of them taken from Russian sources?

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