WATCH: Trump Supporters Interviewed By Fake Fox News Reporters–Beyond Racist!

If you’ve ever seen Triumph the Insult Comic Dog (which is the creation of the incredibly brilliant comedian Robert Smigel), then you know he’s one canine who isn’t the least bit afraid to make fun of anyone.

And now Triumph has his very own show on Hulu. It’s called “Triumph’s Election Special,” and it may well be the funniest program I’ve seen about the 2016 Presidential contest.

Part of the show involves sending some fake Fox News reporters (think blonde hair and not too bright) to a Donald Trump rally and asking them some questions. The results are both hilarious and also incredibly disturbing.

One of the pretend reporters asks a Trump supporter:

“Donald Trump announced plans to sterilize Puerto Ricans, until quote until we figure this thing out. What do you think of this statement?”

To which she gets this reply from a Trump acolyte:

“I don’t know. I think he’s just saying what everyone else believes.”

Yeah, especially the idiotic morons who think Donald Trump has a real idea what is going on in the world or how to solve a single problem other than his own poll numbers.

Yet another person proudly declares:

“I don’t think he’s gone far enough. I honestly don’t.”

In my humble opinion, Trump should first deport the brain-dead zombies who blindly follow him and cheer everything he says. While he’s at it, he can also self-deport himself and his entire family because they’d be so much happier elsewhere. And even if they weren’t, I know I sure as hell would.

Another Trumpite tries to convince the reporter Trump is a really great guy because:

‘He’s not saying it meanly, he’s just trying to get people to understand the consequences they may be facing.’

In another segment of the show, some conservative Christians remark that they believe fisting should only be taught in the home, not in schools.

If you need a good laugh when you think about the 2016 election, I cannot possibly recommend “Triumph’s Election Show” more. He may just be a dog (and a puppet dog at that), but he understands more about American politics than most Republicans ever will.

Here’s a sample of the show for you to enjoy:

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  1. If you are a Donald Trump supporter You may want to consider getting one of those DNA tests on the sly, just to make sure your parents aren’t brother and sister…………

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