WATCH: Trump Threatens To Win Election ‘With Our Second Amendment’

First we had GOP front-runner Donald Trump saying ominously that should he not win the Republican nomination even if he doesn’t have the necessary delegates, there could be riots in the streets. And now we have him issuing what seems to be a direct threat of armed insurrection and revolution.

Speaking at a campaign rally in Arizona on Saturday, Trump declared:

“We’re going to win with our Second Amendment. We’re gonna win big league with our Second Amendment!”

Here, take a look at the video:

When you add this threat to the growing evidence of Trump and his supporters inciting violence, beating protesters, calling for the banning of deportation of those they disagree with or see as “threats” to their own pathetic way of life, it should be clearer than ever that Trump is indeed a clear and present danger, a direct threat to the national security of the United States.

Granted, this asshat is running for President, and he is protected by the First Amendment, but when you start issuing threats and promising violence if you don’t get your way, you have crossed the line and should be arrested for attempting to bring about change via bloodshed.

Donald Trump is a cancer on this country. He must be defeated with words, actions, organizing, and votes.

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