WATCH: Trump Toady Seb Gorka Gets His A*s Handed To Him By A C-SPAN Caller

Neofascist douche canoe Sebastian Gorka didn’t last long in the Trump administration, largely because he’s an ignorant, abrasive right-wing ideologue whose view of the world is straight out of the 15th century.

One thing Gorka does excel at, however, is defending his American Führer, Donald Trump. That’s exactly what Gorka was doing Sunday morning on C-SPAN when a caller from Michigan told him:

“First, I would like to say that the election in 2018 is perhaps the most consequential in our history because we have to stop an impending dictatorship by this white supremacist, right-wing traitor. And Donald Trump, make no mistake, is a traitor, along with everyone in his orbit.”

That goes double for you, Gorka!

The caller, who identified himself as Henry, then went on to add:

“We have to look at this relationship with the Russians. Donald Trump is owned by the Russian oligarchs because they funded him when U.S. banks wouldn’t. They have compromising information on him. So 2018 will be a very consequential election.”

Gorka, in his default tone of condescendence, could only respond:

“I am saddened by the people who live in an alternate universe who use words like dictatorship, white supremacist and traitor — that is inflammatory as well as dangerous language.”

Is it as dangerous a saying a president wasn’t born in the United States and is secretly a Muslim? Because that’s what Donald Trump said for eight years. Interesting how these Trump defenders conveniently forget all of the hateful language they used when the president happened to be a black man.

Amazingly, Gorka then made the same patently ridiculous claim as his orange savior whenever someone calls him a racist:

“As a person who has worked for the president, he does not have a racist bone in his body.”

Then why did he refuse to rent apartments to African-Americans and get sued by the feds for that very reason?

As Henry from Michigan noted, the 2018 midterm election is one of the most important in this country’s history. It’s time for a blue wave of change that will place the proper checks and balances on our unhinged head of state.


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