White House Insiders Confirm: Trump Has A ‘Lot Of Anxiety’ About The Russia Probe

While he loves to say that the entire subject of Russian interference in the 2016 election is “a ruse,” a new report suggests that President Trump is indeed worried about what Special Counsel Robert Mueller may have already found.

The latest strategy from Trump and his attorneys is reportedly to try and trash former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who pled guilty to lying to the FBI and is now cooperating with Mueller in exchange for leniency when it comes time for him to be sentenced.

Appearing on Morning Joe, NBC reporter Julia Ainsley — who has covered the Mueller investigation from the beginning — noted:

“We put a lot of reporting into this Flynn investigation to know what a catch he was for Robert Mueller, because of what he knew both from the campaign, the transition and his time in the White House. He has a lot of information on Donald Trump. It’s clear now, they are going on a defensive strategy that includes undermining what Michael Flynn says, not because they can control what a grand jury decides or what would be decided in a federal court, but they want to control the court of public opinion.

“They want to make it whatever details emerge from Flynn’s testimony and whatever Mueller is able to use, it will be sort of, you know, not believed by the public or not believed by some of the Republicans who would be deciding, in a hypothetical world, whether or not to start calling for more scrutiny of this president as they head into the next Congress.”

Ainsley also reported that there is a great deal of anxiety and worry in the White House, especially among Trump, who can apparently sense that Mueller is closing in:

“There’s a lot of anxiety, we see it on the surface level from the president in tweets and anxiety from the legal team. There’s some sort of strategic calculations we have seen over the past few weeks. For example, Vice President Mike Pence in an interview with CBS tried to walk away from whether he knew Flynn lied to the FBI. He knew Flynn lied to him, but we want to know when Flynn lied to him. Did he know that before he sold the lie to the American people?”

Overconfidence and bravado are trademarks of narcissists, which Donald Trump clearly is. But he’s running out of BS, and Mueller hasn’t bought his lies from the beginning.

The end is coming for Donald Trump, and it’ll be so sweet to watch as that smug smile is wiped off his face once and for all.


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