Why Does Donald Trump Act The Way He Does? Because Of This Drug

It’s fair to say that Donald Trump is a complex guy who acts in some very odd ways at times. He can be laid back one moment and then begin shouting the next. Some might maintain this is because he’s driven to succeed and wants to get things done. And there may be some validity to that argument.

Then again, it could just be because he takes speed.

Trump, at one time, was a patient of one Dr. Joseph Greenburg, who was known to prescribe an amphetamine-like drug called Tenuate Dospan for a non-existent condition called “metabolic imbalance.” As Spy magazine originally reported:

“Dr. Greenberg’s program included no set caloric limit, and Tenuate was prescribed or five months. The long-term use of Tenuate can, according to the medical literature, lead to psychosis—delusions of grandeur, say, like the belief that by simply putting your name on real estate properties, you will double their value.”

Now you can bet the Donald will deny he ever saw Dr. Greenburg or took any Tenuate Dospan, but the records do not lie, and Gawker managed to obtain medical records showing that Trump was indeed under the care of Dr. Greenburg for years:


No doubt Trump and his supporters will say this proves nothing, but a former employee of Dr. Greenburg’s says that this is in fact an actual copy of Trump’s records when he was a patient.

How much of an impact did this drug have on Trump? Well, one of his Vice-Presidents said that when he got to work he would ask if it was a “Dr, Greenburg day,” meaning Trump was taking the powerful drug. If he was told yes, he tried to avoid the Donald for the day.

See, a man like Donald Trump–so vain, so obsessed with his image, so intent to be perceived as the best–needed the speed-like drug in order to work 20 hours a day and maintain his weight. He had to be at this peak. But the long-term effect of taking Tenuate Dospan, according to the NIH, is:

“Hallucinations, confusion, and psychotic delusions.”

What kind of delusions? Well, kind of like thinking that you’re the least bit qualified to be the Commander-in-Chief of the United States.

And what does all of this information tell us about Donald Trump? That he is not just unbalanced, he is certifiable, and also was (and may still be) a speed freak. Is this the guy you want with his finger on the nuclear trigger?

This article was originally published by the same author at LiberalAmerica.org.

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