Why In The World Was Ann Coulter In A 7-Eleven Men’s Room On Christmas Day?

First of all, the facts, even though they’re sketchy: Conservative columnist and Trump worshiper Ann Coulter was in Kansas on Christmas Day. She stopped at a 7-Eleven. She went into the men’s restroom at the 7-Eleven and took a photo with her cellphone, which she then posted on her Twitter account:

You may now write your own jokes.

The photo actually raises more questions than it answers. For example:

  • Why in the world was Coulter in Kansas for Christmas? She’s from Connecticut.
  • Did Coulter write “Build the Wall” on the door of the bathroom, and if she did, will she be prosecuted for defacing private property?
  • Why would a woman choose to enter a men’s restroom in the first place? Is Coulter trying to make some bizarre commentary about gender neutral facilities?
  • If Trump doesn’t actually build a wall, will Coulter take up residence in bathrooms across the country as a way of protesting?

Let’s be perfectly honest and crystal clear: Coulter never writes or does anything for any reason other than to draw attention to herself. Like Trump, she is a shameless self-promoter who loves the spotlight. Perhaps she thinks this is a way to keep the issue of a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border at the forefront of the national debate. Then again, maybe it’s just Coulter trying to sell a book she plans to release in the near future. Whatever the reason, Coulter’s motivation is as selfish as ever: She wants to make a buck off her hatred.

Here’s some advice for Ann Coulter: Stay out of men’s restrooms and try for once to actually make a positive difference in this country. As is, you’re just a fading joke of a person who is about to realize that her fifteen minutes of fame are rapidly expiring.

This article was originally published by the same author at LiberalAmerica.org

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