With One Statement, President Obama LEVELS Fox News And Donald Trump (Video)

The Fox News douches could not contain their glee this week. They had managed to get President Obama to sit down for an interview on “Fox New Sunday” with Chris Wallace for the very first time in his Presidency. The Fox folks were no doubt anticipating cornering the President and seeing if they could embarrass him on national TV.

Wallace began by asking the President if he felt he was partially responsible for the rise of Donald Trump, the implication being that Obama had made the economy worse, not better, despite evidence to the contrary. The President replied:

“There’s no doubt that I feel frustrated about it. Number one, we’re still shell-shocked from what happened in 2007-2008… People lost homes, lost jobs, lost life savings and they still don’t fully know how that happened and was the system fixed in a way they can have confidence in.”

Well then, Wallace queried, why haven’t you managed to fix that while you’ve been in office? President Obama told him:

“The perception is going to be changing over time as people see results. But — and this is the big but — nobody is going to be 100 percent satisfied in a democracy like ours with every outcome. And I think the danger both among Republicans and among Democrats who just listen to each other or they just listen to people that already agree with them — you know, Republicans have their own TV station.”

They sure do, and it’s called Fox News, blaring out GOP and extreme right-wing propaganda 24/7, 365 days a year. Is there any wonder why Donald Trump has suddenly become such a hot commodity? He’s got a network to pimp out his hateful drivel and enrage the already hate-filled watchers of Fox’s lies.

Watch the President lay the wood to Fox News:

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