With One Tweet, Trump Exposed A Covert Military Program Being Used In Syria (TWEETS)

As if President Trump hadn’t already done enough to endanger the national security of the United States by cozying up to Russia and then attempting to subvert the investigation into the matter, we now have Trump exposing a covert military program in Syria via his Twitter feed.

Monday evening, Trump read a story in the Washington Post about his ending of funding for rebels opposed to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and couldn’t resist grabbing his cell phone so he could send this message:

The program Trump referred to is one which began under President Obama. It was designed to allow the CIA to arm and train Syrian rebels fighting against the Syrian government in the ongoing civil war. It should be noted that the Russians have long been vehemently opposed the U.S. program. But shortly after his meetings with Russian president Vladimir Putin at the G-20, Trump announced it would be canceled, just as Putin had wanted.

Twitter gave the president hell for being so casual with a covert program and the fact that the he had once again capitulated to Putin:

I’m pretty damn sure we’d be a lot safer and more secure as a country if we just elected an ill-tempered 5-year-old to take Trump’s place. God knows he or she would be a hell of a lot more mature.

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