Woman With No Balls Complains That Jeff Sessions Has Lost His ‘Prosecutorial Balls’ (VIDEO)

Now that the shills at Trump TV know Robert Mueller is getting closer to the Oval Office by the day, they’re calling for a second special counsel to be appointed to investigate Hillary Clinton.

Last time I checked, Clinton wasn’t elected president, so why do we need a special counsel? Oh, right: As political cover for the real criminal, Donnie Dollhands.

Friday evening on Fox, Jeanine Pirro (who insists on being called “Judge Jeanine” even though she stepped down from the bench years ago), decided it was time to toss Attorney General Jeff Sessions under the bus, just as her favorite Tangerine Hitler did earlier in the week with this tweet:

Guest Tammy Bruce began the assault on Sessions:

“His body was the Senate and he moved through it for an innumerable length of time. And we can’t dismiss the impact of living in that bubble.”

So Pirro decided to totally emasculate the Attorney General by commenting:

“So he lost his prosecutorial balls.”

What Pirro neglects to realize is that not everyone can be as masculine and downright cut-throat as she is. Maybe she needs to join the Marines.

Bruce tried to steer the conversation back to safer ground:

“I’m a big fan of Jeff Sessions. Thank goodness for the president, that he has got an eye on this, publicly making sure individuals know how serious this is.”

Is it as serious as giving Jared Kushner a top-secret security clearance even though he couldn’t pass his FBI background check and was finally stripped of that clearance this week?

Or could it possibly be as serious as having a known wife beater serving as the right-hand man to the White House Chief of Staff?

Spare us the outrage, Jeanine. Trump is guilty as hell, and nothing you say or do can change that fact.

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