Scientists Say Ted Cruz Knows Less About Climate Science Than A Kindergartner

As we have all long suspected, Ted Cruz really is as stupid as we always assumed. So says a group of scientists who evaluated some of the preposterous claims the Texas Senator has made regarding the topic of climate change. Here’s the back story: A group of climate and biological scientists graded comments made about the environment […]

Seth Meyers Schools Sarah Palin On Syrian Refugee Vetting Process

It’s pretty sad when a talk show host has to explain reality to someone in the political world, but when the person being schooled is Sarah Palin, it doesn’t exactly surprise anyone. Such was the case last night when Palin appeared on “Late Night” with Seth Meyers and Palin wrongly proclaimed there was no screening process […]

Once Again, Ben Carson Gets His American History Facts All F**ked Up

Generally, when one writes a book on a particular subject, that means the author is at least somewhat of an expert on the topic. Unless, of course, that person happens to be seeking the 2016 GOP nomination for President. Ben Carson is on a book tour right now promoting his most recent tome, A More […]

Muslim Pre-Med Student Nearly Run Over By Man Who Called Her A Terrorist

Haneen Jasim is a pre-med student at the University of Cincinnati, and on Sunday she was returning home from a study session at a local Starbucks when she says a man in a car called her a terrorist and tried to run over her. According to Jasim, the man began honking his horn, cursing, and calling her […]

Rush Limbaugh: ‘ISIS Didn’t Exist When George W. Bush Left Office’

Don’t you just love how the far right engages in selective memory when it comes to historical matters which paint their heroes in an unflattering light? The latest conservative icon to employ this method is windbag radio host Rush Limbaugh, who appeared on the Fox News Sunday show and tried to assert that the rise […]

Condoleeza Rice Calls Out The GOP For Their Anti-Immigrant Bias…To Their Faces!

Appearing at an annual conference in Birmingham, Alabama, former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice spoke out strongly against the anti-refugee stance taken by many members of the GOP. One of them, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley, was even in the audience when she did so. As Bentley sat just a few feet away, Rice said: “I fundamentally […]

Historian: The Koran Is NOT More Violent Than The Bible. Christians Have ‘Holy Amnesia’

Since the Paris attacks, all we’ve heard from the chattering class on the far right is that Islam is a religion of violence which mandates jihad, or holy war. They even say the Koran is rife with incidents of violence and calls to kill all enemies of Islam. Which, if you didn’t know, is utter […]

How Quickly They Forget: Here Are 10 Times Conservatives Said It Was Unpatriotic To Criticize POTUS

It seems more than bit odd when you look at the GOP and other assorted right wingers as they heap their criticisms onto President Obama for his alleged lack of adequate action in the war against ISIS. Because when their golden boy George W. Bush was in the White House and progressives criticized the way […]

‘Gun TV’ Shopping Channel Hopes To Profit Off Ammosexual Obama Haters

What a pain in the butt it is when you’re sitting in front of your TV at 2 a.m. and suddenly get the burning desire to buy a semiautomatic weapon. What to do? All the local gun shops are closed! Talk about an existential crisis for an ammosexual. Dammit, this is ‘Murica, and we should […]

Ben Carson Tries To Trump The Donald–Says All ‘Foreigners’ Should Be Tracked In Database

Well now, looks like Ben Carson and Donald Trump are trying to see who can be the most offensive to anyone who happens to be a Muslim or is from another country. You may recall that yesterday the Donald declared that it might be a good idea for all Muslims in America to carry or wear […]