Oh God No! Sarah Palin Being Considered To Head The VA!

You may want to sit down for this news, because it’s truly horrifying, especially if you happen to be a veteran: Sarah Palin is being considered to run the Veteran’s Administration. NEW: Sarah Palin under consideration for Secretary of Veterans Affairs, sources tell @ABC News. –@shushwalshe — ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) November 30, 2016 Online […]

Chris Cuomo Just WENT OFF On The ‘Morning Joe’ Hosts For Their Adoration Of Trump

If you’ve watched the MSNBC show Morning Joe since Donald Trump declared his candidacy in 2015, then you know the co-hosts, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, are some of the biggest Trump cheerleaders on the face of the planet. Now we have reports that Brzezinski was seen going into Trump Tower on Tuesday for some sort of […]

Trump Suggests Loss Of Citizenship, Prison For Flag Burning (TWEETS)

Once again Donald Trump has gone on Twitter and made a complete ass of himself by suggesting anyone who burns an American flag should face severe consequences. Tuesday morning, the President-elect posted this: Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag – if they do, there must be consequences – perhaps loss of citizenship […]

Bigoted Bannon Declares, Suppressing Black Voters Is ‘Not A Bad Thing’

The more we learn about chief counselor Steve Bannon, the more apparent it becomes that he is a monumental douchebag and racist asshat. The New York Times reports this morning that it spoke with Julia Jones, who was co-writer with Bannon on the Reagan documentary In the Face of Evil. Jones says Bannon once commented that it wouldn’t […]

Paid Liar Kellyanne Conway Blamed The Media Again, And Got BLASTED For It (VIDEO)

Instead of actually placing his extensive business holdings into a blind trust while he’s president, Donald Trump continues to insist that he is above the law and doesn’t have to do what every other president has done. And his designated spokespeople (i.e. paid liars) are getting in on the puffery parade, too. On Meet the […]

WATCH Ted Cruz Refuse To Answer When Asked If Trump Is Still A ‘Pathological Liar’

Texas Senator Ted Cruz got caught short when he appeared on This Week today and was asked if what he had said during the primaries about President-elect Donald Trump still held true. Specifically, in May of this year Cruz had this to say of Don the Con: “He doesn’t know the difference between truth and […]

BREAKING: Clinton Attorney Says She Supports Recounts In Midwest States

Looks like the 2016 election may not be over with just yet. Marc Erik Elias, general counsel of Hillary for America, says the campaign is now fully behind recount efforts in both Michigan and Pennsylvania if Green Party candidate Jill Stein decides to look into the vote totals from those states. Stein has already filed paperwork […]

REPORT: If Romney Wants To Be Secy. Of State, He Must Publicly Apologize To Trump

Back in March, Mitt Romney gave a speech in which he said some very unkind things about Donald Trump. Among the things he said was this line: “Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud. He gets a free trip to the White House and all we get is this lousy hat.” So it seems more […]

Ivanka Trump In 2006: ‘If He Wasn’t My Father, I Would Spray Him With Mace’

Here’s what we know about Donald Trump: He’s a con man, a pathological liar, a sorry excuse of a businessman, and, based on the testimony of numerous women, a pervert who gets off on sexually assaulting helpless females. And now we can add his daughter Ivanka to the list of women who know exactly what kind […]

GOP Strategist Says Republicans Need To Face Facts: Trump Is Corrupt (VIDEO)

Some Republicans are getting very nervous about Donald Trump’s refusal to place his extensive business holdings in a blind trust, and they’re warning that refusal–along with questions about the Trump Foundation–could have catastrophic consequences for the President-elect and the GOP. Wednesday on CNN, GOP strategist Ana Navarro said lots of Republicans who have embraced Trump […]