Protester Holding Sign At Rubio Rally Roughed Up By Supporters

A protester holding a sign reading, “Marco Rubio–Empty Suit” was pushed and manhandled by Rubio supporters at a Rally in Virgina earlier this morning. So this is what we’ve come to in American politics. Rather than calmly responding to a protester, candidates and their supporters feel perfectly free to physically assault those who disagree with […]

WATCH: Trump’s Sons Say They Will Gladly Pay For Black Celebs To Leave Country When Their Dad Is Elected

Never has the expression, “Like father, like son” been more accurate than when it’s applied to Donald Trump’s eldest sons, Don, Jr. and Eric, who are quite clearly chips off the old block. And not in a good sense, either. They reflect their father in all the wrong ways. While appearing on Fox News earlier […]

JUST IN: Evidence Uncovered Shows Marco Rubio Lied About Life Story, Parents Left BEFORE Castro

Marco Rubio’s life story is composed of the kind of dreamlike images which are filled with the twists, turns, and ultimate success that is so emblematic of what we consider when someone talks about “the American Dream.” But is that story diminished when the basic facts of it turn out to be nothing more than […]

WATCH: Ted Cruz Just Got His A*s Handed To Him On Fox News

One of the things that is most annoying about Ted Cruz is that he’s a whiny little crybaby punk who loves to lie about everything. Face it, the guy is a smarmy sack of human excrement who should be forcibly placed back into whatever cesspool he crawled out of. Further evidence of this was provided […]

BOMBSHELL: Trump Lying About Tax Returns, IRS Says (Video)

One of the main bones of contention at this week’s GOP debate in Houston was why Donald Trump, the current Republican front-runner, refuses to release his tax returns. Both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio used that issue to hint that Trump is not at all trustworthy and the returns might, as 2012 GOP nominee Mitt […]

Mitch ‘The Turtle’ McConnell Declares: GOP Will Drop Trump ‘Like A Hot Rock’ If He Wins Nomination

The Republican Party is now facing their nightmare scenario for November: Donald Trump gets the nomination and loses badly–perhaps in historic fashion–to the Democratic nominee. But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is now reportedly telling 2016 GOP Senate candidates to keep their distance from Trump and even encouraging them to run attack ads against the […]

WATCH: Marco Rubio Says He Thinks He Made Donald Trump Wet His Pants At Texas Debate

Ladies and gentlemen, the gloves are now officially off among the GOP candidates for the White House. Not only is Donald Trump throwing elbows (as per his usual), but now we have Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio bringing out the wood as they attempt to knock Trump down to size. It began last night in […]

BUSTED! Sarah Palin Compares Trump To Gandhi With Fake Quote

First things first, and then I’ll move on: Sarah Palin is a freaking idiot who thinks no one will fact check anything she posts on the Internet. In her latest pathetic attempt to remain relevant and also push the candidacy of Donald Trump, Sister Sarah took to Facebook and posted this bit of nonsense: First […]

BOOM! GOP Sheriff Opens Up Can Of Whoop Ass On His Party, Calls Them ‘Idiots’ (Video)

If I told you that Newell Normand is the sheriff in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, and recently commented on his fellow Republicans, you’d probably think he was giving a speech on behalf of one of the 2016 GOP candidates. No doubt he’d be praising the GOP to the hilt and talking about how the Republicans are […]

HEARTLESS! Fox News Decides To Mock Woman Who Cannot Afford To Buy Food

Even for Fox News, this may well be a new low. On a segment aired yesterday, Fox host Sandra Smith featured a discussion in which she referred to a former Yelp employee who complained the company only paid her minimum wage and she had been unable to afford food. In response, a heartless sack of excrement […]