Ted Cruz Defends Donald Trump And His Comments On ‘Rapist’ Immigrants (Video)

All aboard the Crazy Train! And the latest passenger to join us on our 2016 GOP primary journey is the junior Senator from Texas, the Lone Star Asshat himself, Ted Cruz. Cruz made some comments about Donald Trump earlier today on the Fox News show “Fox and Friends.” Cruz, when asked about Trump’s statement on […]

Why Chris Christie Will Never Ever Ever Be President Of The United States

Welcome to the 2016 race for President, Chris Christie. Quite frankly, I’m more than a little surprised you decided to run. Why? Well, I’ll be delighted to lay out my reasons for you: Reason #1: You’re A Bully Chris, you’ve basically made a career of insulting, berating, and sniping at people you disagree with. That […]

NBC Brass To Donald Trump: You’re Fired!

Well well well….looks like all that bad karma Donald Trump has been putting out finally came back to bite him right on his privileged butt. The brass at NBC Universal announced late this afternoon that it is cutting all of its ties with the Donald, meaning that the network will not televise the Miss USA […]

NC Homophobe Assaults Gay Bar Owner But Will Not Be Charged With Hate Crime

Maybe someone can explain this one to me: A guy walks into a gay bar, begins using derogatory language toward some of the patrons and the owner of the bar–because the owner also happens to be gay–physically assaults the owner several times, is arrested, and then is released on a measly $3,000 bond. WTF?! Sunday morning in […]

CNN Host To The Donald: ‘What’s Traditional About Being Married Three Times?’ (Video)

This is one of those days that Jon Stewart said almost made him rethink retiring from “The Daily Show.” The setting is an interview on CNN with host Jake Tapper asking questions of Donald Trump, who, as we all know, is one of the most pompous and self-impressed men to ever roam the face of the Earth. […]

White Supremacist Who Inspired Dylann Roof Warns: It’s ‘A Preview Of Coming Attractions’

One of Dylann Roof’s main sources for the hateful, white supremacist worldview he used to justify his killing of nine black people at a Charleston, South Carolina, Bible study group is a man who has been spouting some of the most virulent and disgusting crap you can possibly imagine. His name is Harold Covington, and […]

Texas AG Says ‘It’s Wrong To Subject People Of Faith To Abuse From Same-Sex Marriage’

No sooner had the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage been handed down yesterday than Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton began looking for a camera and microphone so he could blather on about his feelings on the matter. Here’s part of what this incredibly ignorant jackass had to say: “Today’s ruling by five Justices of […]

Hurricanes And Holy War: A Recap Of What The Right Wing Predicted Would Happen If Marriage Equality Arrived

Now that marriage equality is the law of the land, it seems an opportune time to take a look at some of the predictions that have been issued by the gloom and doom crowd in the past few months. Predictions of horrible things that would take place if the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage. Here […]

SC Man Wants To Remove African-American Monument If Confederate Flag Is Taken Down

Keith Harmon swears he’s not the least bit racist or bigoted, but when you hear what he’s proposed for the state of South Carolina, you may not believe a word he says. Harmon, you see, has begun a petition which calls for the state to remove its African-American monument if the state takes down the […]

Ted Nugent Thanks President Obama For Giving Whites The Right To Say ‘N****r

Ted Nugent is finally thanking President Obama for something. Only problem is, it’s because he thinks the President just gave white people the right to say the word n****r whenever they want to. Yep, Ted is once again proving what a monumental asshat he is and always will be. You may recall that President Obama […]