Stephen Miller’s Wife Announces Birth Of Their First Child And Gets Reminded Of Her Husband’s Evil

Even though the clock is ticking on the final days of the Trump administration, there was some new information that came out of the White House on Monday: Top aide Stephen Miller and his wife, Katie Rose Miller, have procreated and produced a child.

The child, Mackenzie Jay Miller, was born on November 19, but her parents are just now getting around to letting the world know about her, and of course they did so on Twitter, which just so happens to be Donald Trump’s favorite social media platform:

Of course, it’s the not the child’s fault her father is a bigoted piece of shit who is largely responsible for the Trump administration’s draconian immigration policy, including ripping immigrant children from their parents and placing them in internment camps.

And that’s what many Twitter users couldn’t help but remind Ms. Miller: Your husband is evil! How in the hell can you possibly be proud of giving birth to his child?! Take a look:

Best wishes for Mackenzie Jay Miller. May she have a long, healthy, and happy life. And may her parents one day find their hearts and souls.

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