A Short History Of The Word ‘Thug’

Over the past few days, with the events transpiring in Baltimore, we’ve heard several people–mostly elected officials–toss around the word “thug” to describe people were were looting, setting fires, and engaging in other illegal acts. But do we really know what the word means? It doesn’t mean what you might think, and its origin goes […]

Transgender Game Developer Commits Suicide After Being Victim Of Online Bullying

After she had taken her own life by jumping from the George Washington Bridge, a message appeared on Rachel Bryk’s Twitter account. It had been scheduled to post eight hours after her death and it read: “Guess i am dead. Killed myself. Sorry.” But what led this transgender game developer from New Jersey to take […]

Guess How The Ku Klux Klan Celebrated Confederate Memorial Day

So, how did you celebrate Confederate Memorial Day yesterday? What, you didn’t celebrate? Don’t feel bad, because I didn’t either. Why? Well, mainly because I’m not a redneck, racist, anti-Semitic, homophobe jackass who wants to pretend the Civil War ended differently. In the state I was born and live in, Georgia, yesterday was a state […]

‘Fox And Friends’ Dolts: Black Female Police Officer May Be A Muslim (Video)

I know what to expect when I hear the name Fox News mentioned, but sometimes even Fox has the ability to both surprise, shock, and outrage with the level of their idiocy, racism, and incomprehension. The latest example of this lack of common sense comes from the airheaded dolts who host Fox’s morning show “Fox […]

Woman Suing Oakland Police For Vicious Beating After She ‘Flunked The Attitude Test’

Megan Sheehan admits that she was both drunk and belligerent on the evening of March 17, 2014, but she also thinks that members of the Oakland Police used excessive force when they arrested her. One look at the photo of her the night she was arrested would seem to support her contention. Sheehan is now […]

What Happens When A Cop Shoots Two People? He Gets His Own Billboard, Of Course

Usually in this world, you either have to be famous (in a good way) or infamous to get a billboard with your face on it. Or you can just shoot two of your fellow citizens, be placed on administrative leave, and be a threat to the community you live in. And this is where the […]

Dog The Bounty Hunter Lifts His Leg On Fox News Hosts, Says He Supports Hillary (Video)

Dog the Bounty Hunter, aka Duane Chapman, dropped by to talk with the ladies at the Fox News show “Outnumbered” the other day and he just about made them drop their coffee cups when the topic turned to politics. Chapman, who is a well-known Republican, was first asked what he thought about Florida Senator Marco […]

Florida Woman Calls 911, Dies Waiting For Responding Deputy To Finish Lunch

Reading the headline, you might think it’s a set-up for a really bad joke, but it isn’t. It might contain some humor if it were only a joke. A Florida woman dialed 911 on March 13 complaining that she was having difficulty talking and needed assistance. She was later found in her driveway, unconscious. Standard […]

12-Year-Old Girl With Leukemia Dismissed From Michigan School For Excessive Absences

Rose McGrath has already faced and beaten the biggest battle of her life, against leukemia, but now she will have to start fighting the school she attends because they had the nerve to kick this brave girl out for excessive absences.   McGrath was diagnosed in 2012 with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in August 2012 and has […]

MUST WATCH! Dashcam Video Shows Florida Cop Lied About Shooting Of Black Man

The attorney for the family of a man shot and paralyzed by a Palm Beach County deputy says that newly released dashcam video confirms what they have always suspected: 20-year-old Dontrell Stephens did not have a weapon and was never given an order to get on the ground. In dashcam video from 2013,  Dontrell Stephens is seen […]