Mike Pompeo Hit With Subpoena For Trying To Help Republicans Smear The Biden Family

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is in very hot water, and actions he apparently took to help benefit the reelection campaign of his boss, Donald Trump, have wound up getting him subpoenaed. Politico reports that House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Eliot Engel (D-NY) issued a subpoena recently and accused the secretary of using State Department resources […]

BUSTED: New Photo Appears To Provide Proof That Trump Wears Lifts In His Shoes

This has been a very bad week for Donald Trump, and as is usually the case, he has no one to blame but himself and his enormous vanity. When he was visiting Texas on Wednesday, photos clearly showed that the president (or someone who works for him) had done a terrible job with his makeup, […]

Kellyanne Conway’s Daughter Says On Twitter She Wants AOC To Adopt Her

Though she’s only 16 years old, Claudia Conway — who just so happens to be the daughter of Kellyanne Conway, who serves as counselor to the president — has some very strong opinions, and she often expresses them on social media. As recently as June, Claudia came to public attention with her viral TikTok videos […]

Trump’s Campaign Appears To Have Given Up On Winning Michigan – Stops Buying Ads In The State

It appears that Donald Trump’s reelection campaign is already conceding the state of Michigan and its 16 electoral votes, pulling all ad spending out of the state and shifting resources to other key battlegrounds. The Hill reports: “Trump’s recent withdrawal from the airwaves in Michigan came as his campaign shifted advertising dollars to other battlegrounds […]

Joe Biden’s Handwritten Notes Seem To Indicate Who He’ll Choose As His Running Mate

On Tuesday, presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden announced that he will choose his vice presidential running mate next week, according to CNN: “The former vice president’s comment came during a news conference after a speech in Wilmington, Delaware. Asked by CNN whether he will meet in person with finalists for the role, Biden said, ‘We’ll […]

GOP Insider Warns: Trump Is Blackmailing Lindsey Graham With Information About His ‘Sexual Kink’

Though it’s hard to believe now, there was actually a time when Lindsey Graham was one of Donald Trump’s harshest critics. Graham even predicted back in 2016 that if Trump was the GOP nominee, some very bad things were in the cards for Republicans: If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed…….and we will deserve […]

Just Released Video Of Trump Dragging His Leg Raises New Questions About His Health

Given everything that’s going on in the nation and world these days, you can certainly be forgiven if you didn’t know that Donald Trump visited a laboratory in North Carolina on Tuesday that is doing research on a possible vaccine for the novel coronavirus. However, the president did indeed visit the lab, and some footage […]

Minnesota Republican Group Compares Wearing A Mask To Nazis Persecuting Jews

The Republican Party of Wabasha County, Minnesota, is in very hot water after posting a meme on their official Facebook page comparing wearing a protective mask to the yellow Star of David insignia Jews were forced to display on their clothing in Nazi Germany. KARE11 reports: “A screenshot from what appears to be the Republican […]

Donald Trump Tried To Smear Steve Schmidt And It Backfired BIG TIME On Him

Donald Trump is terrified of the ads being run by the Lincoln Project. And one of the people in charge of the Lincoln Project is Steve Schmidt, whom you’ve no doubt seen on MSNBC. Schmidt is ardently and vocally anti-Trump, and he’s dedicated his talents to making sure Trump doesn’t get a second term in […]

Ivanka Claims To Care About Exploited Girls And Gets Reminded Of Her Daddy’s Sordid Past

It seems like every single time one of the three eldest Trump children — Don Jr., Ivanka, or Eric — make a statement regarding some issue of concern to the nation, they manage to prove that they suffer from terminal foot-in-mouth disease, much the same as their father does. It kind of makes you wonder […]