Clueless Trump: Putin Is ‘Not Going Into Ukraine’–Which Putin Did TWO YEARS AGO!

We’re all familiar with these axioms: Truth is stranger than fiction Some stories write themselves The dumb seem to get dumber All of these are on full display today as we dissect an interview Donald Trump gave to ABC News. The host of “This Week,” George Stephanopoulos, asked Trump about whether or not he has ever […]

Trump Surrogate Attempts To Defend Him On CNN, Fails Miserably (VIDEO)

The fallout from Donald Trump’s comments regarding the parents of a Muslim Army Captain who gave his life in service to his country continue, and now even Trump’s hateful, moronic surrogates are attempting to defend him, and they are all winding up with egg on their faces, just like the Orange Menace. A perfect example […]

Latest Electoral College Projections Have This Candidate Winning A Landslide In November

Granted, the 2016 Presidential election won’t be held tomorrow, or even next week, but if the trend present in the latest Electoral College projections from several well-known pollsters and election watchers are any indication, the race could be over before the debates are even held. Larry Sabato’s “Crystal Ball” website has Clinton winning in a […]

Post DNC Poll Shows Clinton Got GIANT Convention Bounce

If you’re wondering how successful the Democratic National Convention was for Hillary Clinton, it turns out it was, in the words of her opponent, Donald Trump, YUUUUUUUGE! A new poll from RABA Research shows that Clinton is the beneficiary of a 10-point convention bounce and now leads Trump by a margin of 15 points. Among […]

Conservatives Turn On Ann Coulter For Her Smear Of Muslim Soldier’s Father

On the last night of the Democratic National Convention, two incredibly brave parents–Khazir and Gazala Khan–stepped to the podium to pay tribute to their late son, Army Capt. Humayun S.M. Khan, who gave his life in service of his country in 2004. The Khans also happen to be Muslim, and they wanted to send a powerful […]

Republican Warns Fellow Party Members About Trump: ‘You’ve Got To Cut Him Loose’ (VIDEO)

Seems some Republicans saw this week’s Democratic convention and are now terrified of how badly they are going to lose in November. One of those is former GOP Congressman Joe Scarborough, who is now the co-host of the MSNBC show “Morning Joe.” And he had a dire warning for his fellow Republicans this morning: “The […]

ULTIMATE INSULT: Ex-Palin Staffer Says Trump More ‘Woefully Ignorant’ Than Sarah

There are insults, and then there are thermonuclear word bombs. This is one of the latter. Sarah Palin, who was John McCain’s running mate in the 2008 election, may well be one of the most utterly clueless people to ever be nominated by either American political party. Palin, who once said she could see Russia […]

Stephen Colbert Says He Has Just ONE QUESTION He Would Ask Trump About Putin (VIDEO)

Leave it to Stephen Colbert to have the absolute best comment on Donald Trump’s bizarre relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Last night, prior to the broadcast of the “Late Show,” a college student posed a question to Colbert: “If you have Donald Trump on your show tonight, what would you ask him?” With the slightest […]

Here Are 5 Examples Of Donald Trump Smearing, Cheating, Or Mocking Veterans

Donald Trump is incredibly fond of saying how much he loves American veterans. He talks a good game, but as the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words, and here, thanks to the good folks at Right Wing Watch, we have five instances when the Orange Menace actually smeared, cheated, or mocked veterans: Fake […]

Trump Denies He’s Met Putin After Saying In 2015 ‘I Got To Know Him Well’ (VIDEO)

Donald Trump, it has already been established, is a pathological liar. No matter the subject, no matter the time of day, no matter the question, Trump will lie, double down, and then lie and say he never told a lie. Little wonder that those who are poorly educated love him so much: They can’t follow […]