Here Are Four Things Marco Rubio Is Hoping Voters Never Find Out About

Many political experts are saying that Florida Senator Marco Rubio was one of the big winners at the last GOP debate. From his deft handling of criticisms issued by Jeb Bush regarding his missing so many votes in the Senate to his strong rhetoric about the questions asked by the panel, Rubio seemed to have […]

WATCH: This Incredible PSA Shows The Ignorance Of Pro-Gun Arguments (Video)

As I have written on several occasions, I was raised around guns and taught to respect them. But I do not think that means that everyone has a right to own a gun, nor do I think they should be openly carried as if they are some kind of status symbol or emblem of redneck […]

Judge Grants Immunity To Cop Who Shot Unarmed Black Man ‘Execution Style’

After waiting two long years for justice to be done, the family of Larry Jackson, Jr. was hoping to see Detective Charles Kleinert, the Texas police officer they believe executed their loved one in cold blood, put on trial for manslaughter next week. Instead, Kleinert has been granted total immunity from prosecution by a federal […]

Judge Blocks Alabama’s Attempt To Defund Planned Parenthood, Blasts GOP War On Women

Alabama, like many states controlled by the Republican Party, recently attempted to defund Planned Parenthood when now-discredited videos were released which purported to show that the women’s healthcare provider had accepted money for providing fetal tissue for research. But U.S. District Judge Myron Thompson has now dealt the powers-that-be in Alabama a stinging rebuke for their […]

This Video Proves That Ben Carson Lied To America’s Face In The GOP Debate

The day after a debate is always a busy one for the media, especially when so many incorrect things are said by the candidates. But last night’s debate will be keeping us all busy for weeks to come. Ben Carson, who has recently overtaken Donald Trump as the frontrunner for the 2016 GOP nomination, was […]

Two-Year-Old Girl Dead When ‘Responsible Gun Owner’ Leaves Loaded Shotgun At Daycare

James Fuller Stepp is, according to local law enforcement in Henderson County, North Carolina, a “responsible gun owner.” So responsible that he went hunting, came home, and left a loaded shotgun on the kitchen table at his house. One problem with this scenario: His wife runs a daycare out of their home. Two-year-old Abigail Newman […]

President Obama: I’ve Been Pulled Over For Driving While Black (Video)

Speaking in Chicago yesterday, President Obama told a room of some 14,000 police chiefs from around the country that he has nothing but respect and admiration for what police officers do, but added that he himself has been subjected to police harassment on more than one occasion simply because he’s black: “There were times when […]

Bill Gates: ‘The Private Sector Is Inept’–Only Socialism Can Save Our Planet

Bill Gates may well be one of the richest men in the world, a man who acquired his fortune as a direct result of the private sector and the capitalist way, but in a recent interview with the Atlantic magazine, Gates says the only hope for saving the planet from climate change lies in socialism. […]

Hobby Lobby Owners Under Investigation For Illegally Importing Artifacts From Iraq

Federal authorities are currently investigating the owners of Hobby Lobby for illegally importing stolen artifacts from Iraq which they plan to display at their soon-to-be constructed Museum of the Bible. Agents from the U.S. Customs Service seized up to 300 small clay tablets which had been shipped from Israel to Hobby Lobby corporate headquarters in Oklahoma City. […]

Cher Trolls The GOP Candidates On Twitter, And It’s Awesome!

Why is it that conservatives get so upset when a celebrity decides to speak his or her mind and criticize a political figure in the Republican Party? Maybe they’re just jealous that the majority of entertainers happen to be politically progressive. One of the right wing’s favorite people to hate is Cher. As you might […]