Ben Carson’s Syrian Refugee Plan: Money For Halloween Candy Can Support Them

I’ve said this before and apparently it’s necessary to keep repeating it: Ben Carson may be a brilliant man–a doctor, a neurosurgeon!–but when it comes to matters of domestic and foreign policy, he’s a certified idiot. As evidence of my thesis, I present Dr. Carson’s appearance on “Face the Nation” and “This Week.” Carson, who […]

Former Head Of U.S. Special Forces: ISIS Would Not Exist If Bush Hadn’t Invaded Iraq

The hawks on the right love to claim that the invasion of Iraq during the George W. Bush Administration was a good thing for Iraq, the United States, and the long-term security of the Middle East, even though it has been proven time and time again to be a bigger myth than unicorns. Now the […]

WATCH Chuck Todd Put Trump To Shame: ‘Just Because Someone Repeats It Doesn’t Make It True’

Since David Gregory left as host of “Meet the Press” and was replaced by Chuck Todd, I admit that I rarely watch the show. I don’t care for Chuck Todd. He’s a decent reporter, but as a host I find him more than a bit tiresome. But today on “Meet the Press,” Todd took GOP […]

Carly Fiorina Has Blood On Her Hands, And The Colorado Shooter’s Words Prove It

Carly Fiorina is an accomplice to murder and domestic terrorism. Yes, you read that right, and I will not soften or retract it. Not now, and not ever. Recall that at the second GOP debate, Fiorina, whom I have called the biggest political liar since Richard Nixon (I will never retract that assertion, either) said […]

Muslim Woman In California Tells Trump: I’m Wearing The ID Badge You Called For

A young Muslim woman from Corona, California, decided she would take up Donald Trump on his call for American Muslims to wear some form of identification showing their religious affiliation, and the letter she wrote and posted on Facebook has gone viral. Marwa Balkar posted her response letter last week, and since then it has […]

The GOP Response To The Colorado Planned Parenthood Shootings Is Disgusting

Within hours of the Paris terrorists attacks earlier this month, all of the 2016 GOP candidates for President were rushing to the microphone or social media to make a statement–usually a swipe at President Obama–in an attempt to prove that they would be tough on terrorism if elected. And yet when the shootings which left […]

Those ‘Celebrating 9/11 Muslims’ Trump Claims? Guess Where They Were Really From

Donald Trump, we can now say with great assurance, is a liar, a demagogue, and a massive dillhole. Just this week, we have heard the GOP frontrunner double and triple down on comments regarding how he saw Muslims in New Jersey celebrating when the World Trade Center was struck by two commercial airliners on September […]

How We Gave ‘Thanks’ To Native Americans: Broken Treaties And Genocide

I’m guessing that you, along with most of us, learned the story of the first Thanksgiving in school. We were told that the Native Americans (who were called “Indians” in our history books) were essential to the survival of the early Pilgrims. When the Piligrims had their first bountiful harvest, they invited their Native American […]

Mother Of 9/11 Victim Blasts Donald Trump’s ‘Pro-Nazi Policies’

Talat Hamadi lost her son on September 11, 2001, and she has a powerful message for GOP frontrunner Donald Trump: Get the hell out of America. In direct response to recent comments made by Trump regarding Muslims and Syrian refugees, Hamadi told MSNBC: “You know, he himself came, his grandparents, came from Germany, Donald Trump’s.  […]