Donald Trump Says There Would Be One Exception To His Ban On Muslims

You may recall that several months ago Donald Trump declared that if elected President he would impose a total ban on Muslims coming into the United States. He claimed this was his plan for making sure that terrorists are not admitted into the country, and he was roundly criticized for such a blatantly Islamophobic move. […]

Donald Trump: Women Deserve ‘Some Form Of Punishment’ For Abortion (VIDEO)

There is perhaps no issue on which GOP front-runner Donald Trump has been more inconsistent than the matter of a woman’s right to choose, which he said he supported back when he still considered himself a pro-choice Democrat. Here’s Trump in 1999 telling the late Tim Russert on “Meet the Press” that he supports letting […]

WATCH: Donald Trump Gets Ticked Off When ‘Today’ Host Calls His Campaign Manager A Liar

GOP front-runner Donald Trump appears to be losing his magic touch when it comes to dealing with the media, perhaps because they realize they’re dealing with a pathological liar and treat him accordingly. It’s about time! The proof of this theory was in evidence on the “Today” show earlier this morning, when Trump showed up […]

MSNBC Reporter Forced To Admit To Purposefully Giving Donald Trump ‘Easy Questions’

You hear it all the time, and perhaps you even sit and wonder as you watch TV: Do the networks take it easy on Donald Trump because they’re afraid he’ll cut off all access if they happen to anger him by being too tough with their questions? Last night on the MSNBC show “The Last […]

BREAKING: Trump Campaign Manager Arrested, Charged With Battery Of Reporter

Well, well, well. Looks like Donald Trump now has to deal with the fact that the manager of his campaign, the always thuggish Corey Lewandowski, has been arrested in Palm Beach County, Florida, and charged with battery for an attack on Brietbart reporter Michelle Fields on March 8. The report from the Jupiter Police Department […]

WATCH: Karl Rove Refuses To Deny GOP Will Change Rules To Keep Trump From Nomination

Is the GOP establishment planning to force a brokered convention should current front-runner Donald Trump show up in Cleveland without the necessary delegates for a first ballot victory? Or will the RNC attempt to push Trump aside even if he does have enough delegates because they fear an overwhelming loss should Trump be the GOP […]

Papa Cruz: One More Liberal SCOTUS Justice Would Allow Government To Turn Guns On Populace

Ted Cruz is, without question, a conservative extremist, but he comes by his extremism honestly, via his father, Rafael Cruz, who is just to the right of Atilla the Hun. And Papa Cruz is back in the headlines again, warning that with the appointment of one more liberal justice to the Supreme Court, the government […]

WATCH: Anti-Trump Super PAC Just Released A Video That Shows Him For The Joke He Is

You may recall that a couple of weeks ago a Super PAC dedicated to derailing the Donald Trump campaign for the 2016 GOP nomination released an ad featuring women reading quotes from Trump on the subject of women. In that ad, Trump called women “fat pigs” and other derogatory terms. It was, to put it […]

Lie Detecting Expert Says Ted Cruz’s Pants Are On Fire About Sex Scandal Denials

Ever since a story broke last week in the National Enquirer that claimed 2016 GOP candidate Ted Cruz had been involved as many as five extramarital affairs, the Texas Senator has vociferously denied the veracity of the report, asserting that it’s a smear job cooked up by the Trump campaign. But Phil Houston, who once […]

WATCH: Andrea Mitchell On Trump–‘He’s Uneducated About Any Part Of The World’

How utterly clueless is Donald Trump on the vital topic of foreign policy? So much so that Andrea Mitchell, who has reported on American foreign policy for over four decades, commented on “Meet the Press” earlier today that Trump is: “Completely uneducated about any part of the world.” Mitchell added this about Donald the Dense: “It […]