Award-Winning English Teacher In Connecticut Forced To Resign For Reading Allen Ginsberg Poem To Class

Intellectual and academic freedom are dead and buried. Or at least that certainly seems to be the message coming from a school system in Connecticut which forced an award-winning Advanced Placement English teacher who had been an educator for 19 years to resign or be fired. His crime? He read a graphic poem by Allen […]

Wife-Beating, Bush-Appointed Federal Judge Finally Resigns In Disgrace

A wife-beating, philandering federal judge who was appointed by George W. Bush has finally been forced to resign in disgrace. Judge Mark E. Fuller of Alabama was accused of domestic abuse for the beating of his ex-wife in 2014. And this piece of human excrement has finally figured out that it was way past time […]

Islamophobic Much? United Airlines Refuses To Serve Diet Coke To Muslim Scholar

On a United Airlines flight earlier this week, something happened that should never, ever happen: A Muslim scholar wearing a headscarf was denied the right to be served an unopened can of Diet Coke. Yes, you read that right. Tahera Ahmad was denied an unopened can soda because she was told she might use it […]

Meet The Christian Fundamentalist Group That Forces Children To Give Birth To Rape Babies

There is nothing wrong with a person or group being religious, so long as that religious belief doesn’t infringe on the rights of another person. Far too often, however, that is exactly what happens among those of extreme faith. Allow me to introduce you to a group called Choices4Life, which operates in the name of […]

Just Like Dubya: Jeb Bush To Meet Next Week With Coal Barons For Discussion Of Energy Policy

As much as he may try to say that he’s his “own man,” Jeb Bush is looking more and more like big brother George by the day. Example: Next week Jeb will be meeting in private with several coal industry executives who are no doubt pissed off by the EPA’s recent rule change which lessens […]

Huckster And Hypocrite: Ted Cruz Voted Against Sandy Relief, Now Demands It For Texas

What bothers me most about Ted Cruz is probably the fact that he tries to pretend he’s a small government conservative, but then when it comes to Texas, he cannot wait to get his wheelbarrow and load up on pork. In other words, he’s a Texas-sized hypocrite who stands for nothing other than his own […]

10 Quotes That Prove GOP Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum Is An Incredible Idiot

You may have heard that former Pennsylvania GOP Senator Rick Santorum announced his candidacy for the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination yesterday. Santorum also ran in 2012 and won 10 states in the primaries, which tells us much more about the GOP electorate than it does about Santorum himself. So what say we take a look […]

WATCH As An Immigration Activist Shames Ann Coulter And Exposes Her As Heartless

Ann Coulter is one of the most strident anti-immigration individuals in the country, maybe in the world. So when an illegal immigrant who is also an activist for the immigration movement asked Coulter if she could give her a hug, you can probably imagine how that went. At a Q&A session for Coulter’s latest book, […]

Texas Cops Storm Elderly Man’s House, Break His Hip, Then Leave Without Calling Ambulance

Police dressed in SWAT gear stormed an 81-year-old man’s home, handcuffed him, broke his hip, and then left him without calling for medical assistance, according to a lawsuit filed in Georgetown, Texas. The incident, which took place in September of 2014, began at the home of Herman Crisp. Crisp says he was sitting outside his […]