WTF?! Benghazi Committee Wants To Interview Callers To Talk Shows As Witnesses

How can we tell conclusively that the House Select Committee on Benghazi is quite literally a joke and cannot ever hope to be taken as anything more than a political hatchet job on Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton? They now want to use callers to Sean Hannity’s radio show as witnesses. Assistant Secretary of Defense Stephen […]

Book Claims Trump’s First Wife Said He Had ‘Difficulty Achieving And Maintaining An Erection’

Well, whattaya know. Turns out it wasn’t the size of Donald Trump’s hands–or other appendages–that we should have wondered about. Instead, it’s the fact that he may be a genius at erecting buildings, but not much when it comes to what resides below his belt line. A report from Politico quotes a section from the 1993 […]

Carly Fiorina’s New VP Website Redirects To The Perfect Example Of Karma

First Carly Fiorina tried to win a Senate race and lost badly to Barbara Boxer. Then she ran for the GOP nomination and failed miserably. And yesterday Ted Cruz announced her as his pick for Vice President, even though he has as much chance of being the 2016 nominee as my dog. Clearly, Ms. Fiorina […]

WATCH: Lesbian Kicked Out Of Women’s Restroom Because She ‘Looks Like A Boy’

Legislators in states that have recently passed so-called “bathroom bills” claim their only concern is the safety of the public. They allege that sexual predators will try to gain access to the wrong public bathroom even though they have no proof of this happening. Trust us, they say. This is all in the interest of […]

WTF?! NC Governor Says Voting Should Be As Difficult As Making Meth

Republicans love to talk about freedom, democracy, and other red, white, and blue terms they believe will motivate their base to go out and vote when election day rolls around. Yet it’s these same Republicans who then turn around and pass restrictive voter ID laws designed for the sole reason of limiting who can vote […]

WATCH: Trump Supporter Confronts Ted Cruz, Accuses Him Of Being Canadian

Poor Teddy Boy Cruz. He’s been planning and scheming to be President of the United States since he learned to walk, but it seems that the harder he tries to gain traction in the GOP primaries, he only falls further behind to front-runner Donald Trump. While campaigning yesterday in Indiana, Cruz was once again thrown […]

‘Christian’ Attorney Says She Will Take Gun To Restroom So She Can Shoot Trans People

Anita Staver is president of the extreme far right. pseudo-Christian law group known as the Liberty Counsel, and she just made a big announcement on Twitter: From now on, she will carry a handgun with her when she goes to the bathroom at Target just in case she needs to shoot any transgender people she finds […]

Cruz Compares Trans People To Donald Trump Dressing As Hillary Clinton

Does Ted Cruz have to work at being such a massive douchebag, or does it just come naturally to him? Seems like anytime you turn around, Cruz is saying something so offensive and absurd that you wind up scratching your head and trying to figure out why he opened his mouth in the first place. […]

Did Bernie Sanders Just Concede The Election To Hillary Clinton? (Video)

Appearing on “Meet the Press” earlier today, it certainly sounded like Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders had just admitted that he had lost the Democratic nomination to Hillary Clinton. It began when host Chuck Todd asked Sanders: “At the end of the day, you feel like you were giving a fair shot to this nomination?” Sanders […]

WATCH: Even Fox News Is Now Admitting GOP Bathroom Bills Are Bulls*it

OK, Republicans, as the old saying goes, the jig is up. You may be claiming that you’re passing discriminatory laws against the LGBT community in your states–i.e. Mississippi and North Carolina–in order to “protect” children from people you call transgender “predators,” but now even Fox News is calling you out for being so full of […]