Is Donald Trump Planning To Flee The Country Before January 20?

Donald Trump knows that as soon as he leaves office, he’s facing a hell of a legal mess. There are multiple investigations underway by prosecutors in New York and potentially in other states as well. Trump, members of his family and his organization, are facing being indicted for tax fraud, insurance fraud, and money laundering.

So what can Trump do to avoid the possibility of being convicted and imprisoned?

Well, if he wanted, Trump could always leave the United States and never return, but that would require him fleeing to a country that has no extradition treaty with the the U.S. Those include:

  • China
  • Russia
  • Saudi Arabia

Considering the things he’s said about China, you can cross that one off the list. So now you’re down to Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Russia makes the most sense, if only because Trump would be treated well by Putin and exploited for propaganda purposes. But would Russian President Vladimir Putin be willing to share the limelight with a man as egotistical as Donald Trump?

Trump appears to be in the good graces of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, but would he really want to live in a country as restrictive as Saudi Arabia? Granted, he’d be treated like royalty himself, but the Saudis may not want that sort of publicity, especially at the risk of possibly losing diplomatic relations with the West.

Given all that, it seems highly unlikely that Trump is going anywhere. In order for that to change, he’d have to feel so desperate and afraid of incarceration that he’d try such a risky move.

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