‘Christian’ Evangelist Urges Fathers To Shoot Any Trans People Who Show Up In Bathrooms

Perhaps you’ve heard of James Dobson. He’s the founder and president of a right-wing group known as Focus on the Family, and he’s also a massive heap of human excrement who has attacked President Obama in his sermons, alleging the President is a “tyrant [who] assault[s] centuries of modesty and moral beliefs.” In a new article […]

Fox News/Rasmussen Poll Reversal Now Shows Clinton Beating Trump

Last week, Fox News released a poll conducted by Rasmussen which showed GOP nominee Donald Trump beating Democrat Hillary Clinton by a margin of five percent. The poll sent shock waves throughout the political world, with many pundits saying it now looked like perhaps Trump could indeed win the general election. But wait a minute. […]

WATCH: Trump Spokesperson Compares Trump University To Harvard

How delusional is GOP nominee Donald Trump and the staff that works for his campaign? Well, one of them compared Trump’s failed Trump University to Harvard this morning on CNN, so that kinda says it all, doesn’t it? Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson–who may well be just as annoying as her boss–was discussing the recent comments Trump […]

WSJ Editor Says Trump Needs To Be Destroyed To Teach GOP Electorate A Lesson

While the Republican Party appears to be falling into line behind 2016 GOP nominee Donald Trump, not everyone in the conservative ranks is happy with that’s happening to their party. Wall Street Journal opinion page editor Bret Stephens appeared on CNN over the weekend and told host Fareed Zakaria that Trump needs to be soundly beaten […]

Bernie Gets Slammed On ‘Meet The Press’ For Being ‘Hypocritical’ On Issue Of Superdelegates

The Democratic race for the 2016 nomination is almost complete, and the all-important California primary will be held on June 7. But already the race appears to be entering a phase that will–barring a miracle of epic proportions–make former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton the nominee. Appearing on “Meet the Press” this morning, Vermont Senator […]

Here Are 7 Of Donald Trump’s Favorite Conspiracy Theories

Donald Trump loves conspiracy theories. He may well be one of the most ardent believers and spreaders of lies and half-truths to ever stand before a microphone. The list of things Trump has latched onto over the years is almost endless, but here’s seven of his all-time favorites: 1. Birtherism For nearly a decade, Trump has claimed […]

WATCH: Stupid Sarah Proclaims Trump Is ‘We The People’s Nominee’

Perhaps the worst part about the rise of Donald Trump is the return of the always ignorant half-term Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. No matter how much we try to forget her, she keeps raising her empty head and issuing one stupid pronouncement after another. Yesterday at a Trump rally in San Diego, Palin took […]

Sanders Voter Vows To Vote For Trump To Bring Change–‘Even If It’s Like A Nazi-Type Change’

Memo to Bernie Sanders: You really need to have a long talk with some of your more extreme and badly deluded supporters. The New York Times recently interviewed some members of the so-called “Bernie or Bust” movement, and more than a few are saying they would rather see Donald Trump become the next President instead […]

WTF?! Arizona Sheriff: Take A Gun If You Go Hiking So You Can Shoot Mexicans

Pinal County, Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeau has a bit of friendly advice he wants to impart to anyone who might be thinking of going hiking in his county: Be sure and take a gun with you, because you might just have to shoot some Mexican cartel members. Babeau’s office issued a statement saying that Mexican cartels […]

Did You Know Bernie Sanders Has Flip-Flopped On The Issue Of Superdelegates?

Though it may seem hard to believe given how opposed Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is to the role of superdelegates in the process of selecting the 2016 Democratic nominee for President, just eight years ago Sanders was supportive of superdelegates. In 2008, Sanders explicitly endorsed then Senator Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination even though […]