WATCH Chris Cuomo Destroy A Conservative Shill Who Says Russiagate Is No Big Deal

Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union, was a guest on CNN Wednesday morning, and when it was all over with, he must have wondered if he’d just been hit by a hurricane named Chris. Host Chris Cuomo told Schlapp that had President Obama fired FBI Director under the same circumstances as Donald Trump […]

Facing An Ad Boycott For His Hateful Conspiracy Theories, Hannity Has A Twitter Meltdown (TWEETS)

Sean Hannity is scared to death he’s about to be booted off Fox News, but he’s not willing to take any of the blame if that winds up happening. In recent weeks, Hannity has been spinning one of his patented batshit crazy conspiracy theories regarding the death of former DNC staffer Seth Rich. Rich’s family […]

Former Head Of CIA: Intel Suggests Trump Campaign Was ‘Actively Conspiring, Colluding With Russia’ (VIDEO)

There was one question which perfectly encapsulated the Watergate scandal and how deeply Richard Nixon was involved in both the criminal acts and the cover up of the burglary of Democratic National Headquarters: What did the president know, and when did he know it? That same question seems to be completely applicable to the current […]

MSNBC Panel On Trump: ‘He Incriminates Himself Every Day’ (VIDEO)

Monday evening, the Washington Post revealed that Donald Trump asked the heads of American intelligence to “push back” against allegations that he and his campaign had colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 election. It was just the latest bombshell report which would seem to indicate that the so-called president has attempted to interfere with […]

GOP Lawmaker: People Who Take Down Confederate Monuments Should Be ‘Lynched’

In recent weeks, the City of New Orleans has been in the process of removing all monuments to those who fought for the Confederacy in the Civil War, including statutes of Confederate President Jefferson Davis and military commander Robert E. Lee. These efforts have been met with consternation and anger by some people who seem […]

Teacher Blasts Education Secretary Betsy DeVos In Open Letter: ‘You Are Who We Thought You Were’

From the moment she was nominated by Donald Trump to serve as Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos has been under fire from those concerned that her unorthodox views on how to best educate students could wind up creating two separate systems: One for the wealthy and another for everyone else. Teachers were especially opposed to […]

WATCH A Fox Host Motion For Video Of Trump Bowing To Be Cut During Interview With Kellyanne Conway

Donald Trump, the King of Lies and Fox News, the propaganda outlet of right wingers everywhere. Yes, it’s a match made in conservative heaven, and the two make sure to protect each other every chance they get. In recent months, Trump has said the following about Fox News: Such amazing reporting on unmasking and the […]

Russian Spies Bragged That Michael Flynn Was Their Mole Inside The Trump Administration (VIDEO)

With each day, new revelations indicate that the depth of Russian meddling in the 2016 election was not only unprecedented, it was also assisted by members of the Trump team who were in direct contact with agents working for the Russian government. Intercepted communications now show that disgraced National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was being […]

OBSTRUCTION: Comey Will Tell Congress That Trump Tried To Influence Him To End Russia Probe

On Friday, it was announced that former FBI Director James Comey will testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee sometime after May 29, Memorial Day. And a source close to Comey says the former director will say he believed Donald Trump was indeed trying to meddle in the FBI’s ongoing investigation of Russian interference in the […]

The AP Asked: What Would It Take For Trumpkins To Abandon The Donald? The Responses Are TERRIFYING!

To call those who support Donald Trump fanatical would be a gross understatement. The so-called president has bragged that he enjoys sexually assaulting women, lies every two seconds, and is now accused of being a traitor. But do Trumpkins care? Nah, they’re too busy being in love with a man who wouldn’t think twice about […]