Donald Trump Once Admitted He Was ‘Sexually Attracted’ To Ivanka When She Was Only 13

Even though he may constantly change his mind, one thing remains steadfast when it comes to Donald Trump: He’s a major league pervert. For example, Trump has said he finds his daughter, Ivanka, to be more sexually appealing than his wife, Melania. And he thought so when she was just 13. This admission, which appeared […]

Newt Gingrich Reveals What The ‘Trump Diet’ Consists Of, And It’s Enough To Give You Cardiac Arrest

Donald Trump is not a healthy man, mentally or physically. On the mental health side, President Trump is a pathological liar, a textbook narcissist, and a sociopath. He cares for no one but himself and his family. Everyone else can go to hell. Physically, the president is clearly overweight, doesn’t exercise, and has the diet […]

MSNBC Guest On Trump: ‘What A Pathetic, Sniveling Little Nano-President’ (VIDEO)

Last week President Trump had a perfect opportunity to step up and act like a statesman. The terrorist incident in Virginia, perpetrated by a white nationalist from Ohio, afforded Trump a chance to denounce such domestic hate groups. Instead he said the violence came from “many sides.” Monday morning on the MSNBC show Morning Joe, a discussion […]

Americans Asked To Describe Trump With One Word–Results Guaranteed To Piss Off The Orange Menace

Here’s a question that every American can answer without having to expend much mental energy: What one word pops into your head when you hear the name Donald Trump? What did you come up with? For me, it’s liar, because that’s what the president does anytime he opens his mouth or picks up his phone […]

WATCH: Trump Supporter Gets Mocked For Calling The Donald A ‘Genius’

Donald Trump may be a lot of things–a bully, a braggart, a blowhard, an impulsive man-child–but as he’s proven repeatedly since he became president, he most certainly isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. Despite that, Trump supporter and former GOP Congressman Jack Kingston chose to defend Trump on CNN Friday evening, even going so […]

Robert Reich Warns: Trump Wants To Distract Us From These Stories With His ‘Gutter Tweets’

While much of the news from the White House has revolved around President Trump’s endless tweets of vile sexism and violence aimed at members of the news media, former Labor Secretary under President Clinton, Robert Reich, is warning that the real intent of Trump’s social media spasms might just be to divert attention from other […]

WATCH Chuck Todd DESTROY Tom Price On The Subject Of Trump’s Hateful Tweets

Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price was the guest on Meet the Press Sunday, and he got very defensive when host Chuck Todd dared to ask about President Trump’s incredibly hateful and sexists tweets which were aimed at MNSBC host Mika Brzezinski. Price told Todd: “What I’m concentrated on is the job that [Trump’s] given me.” So […]

Melania May Be Reaching Her Breaking Point With Hubby Dearest (DETAILS)

The presidency has not been kind to Donald Trump, and a lot of that’s his own damn fault. Consider: Trump is under multiple investigations for possibly cooperating with Russian agents so he could win the 2016 election. On Thursday, members of his own party expressed their displeasure with two tweets he sent regarding MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski. The president’s approval […]

Joe And Mika Respond Perfectly To Trump’s Hateful Misogyny (VIDEO)

24 hours after President Trump fired off two tweets which elicited almost universal indignation from members of his own party and women around the country, the subject of that attack, MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski, responded on Friday morning, commenting that Trump’s childish behavior doesn’t bode well for the United States: “I am very concerned, once again, about […]

Paranoid POTUS Plans To Live-Tweet During James Comey’s Testimony (VIDEO)

Is Donald Trump worried about the public testimony former FBI Director James Comey will give to the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday? Apparently so, because we now have a report that the president will live-tweet during Comey’s appearance. Robert Costa of the Washington Post just revealed Trump’s plans during an appearance on MSNBC. Costa began […]