Ben Carson’s Syrian Refugee Plan: Money For Halloween Candy Can Support Them

I’ve said this before and apparently it’s necessary to keep repeating it: Ben Carson may be a brilliant man–a doctor, a neurosurgeon!–but when it comes to matters of domestic and foreign policy, he’s a certified idiot. As evidence of my thesis, I present Dr. Carson’s appearance on “Face the Nation” and “This Week.” Carson, who […]

Seth Meyers Schools Sarah Palin On Syrian Refugee Vetting Process

It’s pretty sad when a talk show host has to explain reality to someone in the political world, but when the person being schooled is Sarah Palin, it doesn’t exactly surprise anyone. Such was the case last night when Palin appeared on “Late Night” with Seth Meyers and Palin wrongly proclaimed there was no screening process […]

Governor Of Oregon Says She Welcomes Syrian Refugees In Passionate Facebook Post

While 31 governors–the majority of them in the South–have said they don’t want Syrian refugees in their state, one governor is going against that trend and saying those fleeing the Syrian civil war and ISIS are more than welcome in her state. Oregon Governor Kate Brown, in a Facebook post, noted that America is a […]

These Photos Of Syrian Refugee Children Will Break Your Heart

Less than 24 hours after the attacks in Paris which left 129 people dead and at least 352 injured, the GOP candidates began to rush to the nearest TV camera so they could declare that if they were President, there was no way they would ever allow any refugees from the Syrian civil war into […]