Trump Supporter In Kentucky Admits He Got Conned: ‘He Played Me For A Fool’ (VIDEO)

Wesley Easterling lives in a Kentucky county that has one of the highest poverty rates in the United States. Last November, he voted for Donald Trump because he believed the president would be good for the economy and fight for people like him who are struggling financially.

Now, however, Easterling admits he was conned. And he says he wishes he had voted for Hillary Clinton.

Easterling and his family receive food stamps and Medicaid. On the campaign trail, Trump repeatedly swore that he would never cut Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security benefits. But with the release of Trump’s 2018 budget proposal–which would cut programs Easterling needs to keep his head above water–it’s now clear that the president is only interested in helping the wealthy, which led Easterling to comment:

“I mean, I felt just like I was — just like he played me for a fool. I mean, I kind of took it personal.”

As for the future, Easterling is trying to better himself so he can get a decent job. He recently graduated from a pipe welding program at a local community college. And now he’s hoping to get a job at a local refinery.

If he could do it again, Easterling says he would vote for Hillary Clinton “without a doubt.”

Others in Kentucky are still sold on Trump, and when told of Easterling’s plight, one man replied:

“Tough luck.”

Some members of Congress are also appalled by the Trump budget proposal. Kansas Senator Pat Roberts had this to say about the drastic cuts in social programs the administration wants to make:

“I won’t say it’s not going to happen, but remember that I don’t think Congress has paid much attention to the president’s budget ever since Reagan, and they usually come in the transom and we simply throw ’em back out. Those programs have been very good programs. We’re going to keep those.”

The mistake so many Trump voters made was daring to believe a word this pathological liar said. His only concern is for himself. Everyone else is expendable.

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2 thoughts on “Trump Supporter In Kentucky Admits He Got Conned: ‘He Played Me For A Fool’ (VIDEO)

  1. Yeah, I knew at first he lied, I meant he didn’t say anything because if he said that he wanted to cut down on Medicaid, Medicare, the Social Security payments, food stamps, and others, then many people won’t, for sure, vote for him. He kept his lips sealed. After he swore in as the new president, he tricked everyone just like Fidel Castro promised to many Cuban citizens that he would offer them many good stuff that made them vote for him. After Fidel won, he tricked them. The dictators always play games with their citizens. Yes, Donny Trump is a dictator. Period! He would need to get impeached or thrown into a jail for abusing our country. He has made the USA very embarrassed and lots of laughingstocks in front of the world. Pence also would need to get impeached. I hope Hillary will replace, so that she can make the USA in a good shape again. Donny Trump has lacked lots of political and presidential experiences not like Hillary and he also has no presidential role which is very important for everyone in the USA and also around the world, too.

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