Alex Jones Goes On Batsh*t Crazy Rant When Asked About His Ties To Russia (VIDEO)

InfoWars host Alex Jones is either one hell of an actor or so stupid and mentally deranged that he actually believes the bullshit he spews out each and every day.

And Jones was in rare form during an appearance at the National Press Club on Tuesday.

Jones was asked about why he publishes articles taken from Russian publications and Russian state-controlled media, with a man in the audience commenting:

“The Russia thing is such a turnoff for so many people. And you’ve got to admit it. You were a favorite of Russia TV a couple of years ago… You’ve been using material from Russia Today, the Voice of Russia. I could go down the list.”

That was all Jones needed to go off on a bizarre rant:

“This thing, it’s almost like a new religion, a pharisee or something… I publish whole [Russia Today] articles because they let us publish them. But we also publish stuff from the [the Anti-Defamation League] and the Southern Poverty Law Center that I disagree with. So, it’s just not intellectually a fair argument to say, look, he’s gone on Russian TV.”

He publishes them because they let him? Then why not just republish crap churned out by state media in North Korea or China? Even if they had a problem with it, what the hell could they do?

Strange enough for you yet? Jones was only getting warmed up. He began screaming:

“It’s what I say! Listen! Christ said you judge a tree by its fruits! I’m Americana, I’m free markets, I’m red-blooded, fire-breathing, ’57 Chevy, Marilyn Monroe — give it to me!”

You forgot to add “wacko bird,” Alex, and that one applies more than the others.

As if to prove what a patriot he is, Jones grabbed a flag on the stage and began kissing it, declaring:

“I love Putin! And George Soros killed Hitler! I love George Soros.”

Be sure and note that in the video, fellow wackadoodle and conspiracy theorist Roger Stone is also on the stage. Alex Jones and Roger Stone in the same room and on the same stage? Did someone bring a net so these nutjobs can be taken back into custody and returned to their padded rooms?

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