Analyst: GOP Plans To Gut Medicare, Social Security Under The Guise Of ‘Welfare Reform’

Now that House Speaker Paul Ryan and his GOP minions have managed to pass a giant tax cut for the wealthiest Americans, they’re halfway to realizing Ryan’s Ayn Randian dream of eliminating the social safety net that includes Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

On CNN Tuesday morning, two political analysts — David Drucker and A.B. Stoddard — discussed exactly how Ryan and the GOP plan to proceed now that tax cuts have been put into place. Drucker noted that while Trump says he wants to see an infrastructure bill passed, that isn’t likely to happen:

“If they’re going to get help from Democrats in the Senate, which they would need, because it’s a spending bill, Democrats are going to demand all sorts of things. [Democrats are] not going to help President Trump and the Republicans govern, help their majorities look good, if they don’t extract significant concessions.”

Stoddard agreed:

“He’s going to need the Democrats. And so that’s going to have to be completely bipartisan, because they won’t have back up Republican bills.”

Then Stoddard addressed Ryan’s most nefarious plan of gutting social programs and how the GOP will sell the idea to Trump, who said on the stump he wouldn’t touch Medicare or Social Security:

“Also, that entitlement reform that Paul Ryan wants. They have a euphemism they’ve created, calling it ‘welfare reform,’ because the president ran against never cutting Medicare or Social Security. So, that’s a fight within, again, the Republican party. If he wants to go after food stamps and stuff, the Democrats are not going to be so helpful, I don’t think, on infrastructure.”

Ah yes, the old lie about “welfare reform” from the GOP. They desperately want to cut trillions of dollars from popular programs that help people, but to do so they have to try and package their plan under the umbrella of “reform.” If there’s one thing you can count on when it comes to Republicans, it’s that they won’t be happy until all of us are forced to scrounge for food, work until we’re 80, and help enrich their fat cat corporate masters.

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