Ann Coulter On GOP Debate: ‘How Many F***ing Jews Do These People Think There Are In The US?’

One Republican who didn’t enjoy last night’s second GOP debate was Ann Coulter.

Coulter has been cheerleading for Donald Trump in recent months, saying that his stance on immigration–building a wall, deporting 11 million people, calling Mexicans rapists–is long overdue and also taking more than her share of credit for the Donald’s strident tone.

But last night’s brawl among the 2016 hopefuls was not pleasing to Coulter in one sense: She felt the candidates were pandering to Jews and Israel. So shortly after the debate ended, Coulter tweeted out this nugget of bilious vitriol:

Then, in a follow-up message, the Queen of Hate wrote:

It seems that Ann’s real problem isn’t how much or how little the candidates talk about Israel or issues that concern Jewish Americans. You see, recently Coulter has kind of fallen off the A list of racist, xenophobic commentators. New York Magazine’s Annie Lowery even recounted how Coulter was practically breathing fire when CNN invited her but then didn’t use her during a program. Instead, Ann was left sitting in the green room. Coulter remarked:

“I haven’t been on CNN yet, because I was made up, my hair was done, I was mic’ed up, I was walking to the set. The next night, ‘We’re going to do all Doogans (sic) again.’ And then the next week, it’s the cop who yelled at a girl in a bikini! And then it’s Bruce Jenner!”

Don’t fret, Ann. Fox News is always in need of someone with hatred in their heart to say nasty things about immigrants, blacks, and other groups the GOP has no use for.

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