AWKWARD: Jeb Campaigns With His Mom, Makes Bizarre Joke About Her Abusing Him (Video)

Poor Jeb Bush. He’s just pathetic. No matter where he goes, he’s either having to answer questions about why his campaign is failing so badly, how much money he plans to spend in what appears to be a losing effort, or simply opening his mouth wide and inserting his foot as far as it will go.

Such was the case today as Bush campaigned in New Hampshire with his mother, Barbara Bush, who is regarded as royalty in GOP circles. Jeb acknowledged his mom and then remarked how many voters tell him just how much they love her.

Sitting the in audience, the Bush matriarch smiles, but that smile suddenly turns to what can best be described as the look one gets when another person farts in an elevator. What changed the mood? This comment from Jeb:

“She’s not as great as everybody thinks she is. I can tell you that one.”

Here we go. Don’t do it, Jeb! Rethink the whole thing! Don’t go any further down this road, man!

But he did, adding:

“I jokingly say, that when we were growing up in Midland and Houston that mom was fortunate not to have a child abuse hotline available, because the discipline of learning right and wrong was her doing.”

That’s just great, Jeb. You just accused your mother of physically abusing you. And you did it with her in the room! Good Lord, man! Are you really that clueless and totally awkward?

As if all of this wasn’t bad enough, last night during an interview on CNN, Barbara Bush began advising Jebbie on how he should be running for the White House, calling him “too polite” in debates. Apparently Barbara thinks her youngest son should carry a stiletto and show it to Trump if he dares utter the dreaded words, “Low energy.”

Jeb’s campaign is toast. He has the money to stay in the race for months, but do we really need more moments like the one in New Hampshire? Everyone seems to know it’s over except Jeb Bush.

Here’s the incredibly strange moment at the New Hampshire campaign event. Warning: This may cause uncontrollable cringing:

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