Bill Maher Rips Into Sarah Palin For Blaming Her Son’s Behavior On President Obama

It’s been one helluva week for the Palin family. First, Sarah took the stage with Donald Trump and endorsed him in a rambling, largely incoherent speech. Then we learned that one of her sons, Track, had been arrested for assaulting his girlfriend. Mama Palin attempted to blame her son’s abysmal behavior on President Obama because her son is a veteran.

Friday evening, on his HBO show “Real Time With Bill Maher,” the comedian lit into Palin, saying:

“That’s why I’m sure his girlfriend was cowering under the bed — because of Obama. Her daughter has had two out-of-wedlock children. I mean, does it ever occur to anybody that the Obamas are just so much better parents?”

Directly taking on Palin’s assertion that her son came back from his military service “hardened” and was suffering from a lack of respect that came directly from President Obama, Maher noted:

“Like, we accept that now. We send our sons off to stupid wars and they come back a bit different, because he beat up his girlfriend, was talking suicide.”

One of Maher’s guests, GOP consultant Liz Mair, said she had respect for Obama as a parent, but Maher then reminded her that Sarah Palin had been sent off to campaign for Trump in Iowa:

“It’s the most morally sloppy going to Iowa to convince the evangelicals — the supposedly moral people — to vote?That’s why faith sucks so bad. Because when you have the same faith as me, then whatever you do is off the table.”

Can someone explain to me why some in the GOP seem to love Sarah Palin so damn much? The woman is a grifter who is quite obviously not a very good parent and can barely speak the English language. She’s a freaking idiot, and the fact that some lionize her is a sad commentary on the level of intelligence in today’s America.

Watch The Segment From “Real Time With Bill Maher”

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