Carly Fiorina Finally Admits That She Flat Out Lied At The Last GOP Debate

Carly Fiorna has a nasty habit of making up things and passing them off as facts, but apparently one of those incidents has generated so much negative publicity for her campaign that she’s had to admit she misstated a major fact she tossed out during last week’s GOP debate.

During that debate, Fiorina attempted to make the case that President Obama’s tenure has been “demonstrably bad for women. She even insisted:

“92 percent of the jobs lost during Barack Obama’s first term belonged to women.”

That is a nothing but a line recycled from Mitt Romney’s failed 2012 run against President Obama, and it’s just as factually inaccurate now as it was then.

A day after the debate, Fiorina appeared on CNN and was asked if she was unwise to use figures that had already been proven untrue. At which point she doubled down:

“No, absolutely not. Wow, this is the same conversation we had after the last debate. Everybody came out and said I was using wrong data. No, I’m not using wrong data. The liberal media doesn’t like the data. Perhaps the liberal media doesn’t like the facts.”

Then, yesterday, during an appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” Fiorina finally admitted that she had indeed been wrong to use information that had been repeatedly exposed as patently false:

“In this particular case, the fact-checkers are correct. This is what the liberal media always does. It attacks the messenger trying to avoid the message.”
But the message was flat out lie, Carly! What part of that are you having trouble comprehending? The “attacks” from the media were directed at the messenger–in this case you–and there is no avoidance of the message. Instead, there is an attempt to make sure voters know that you are an habitual liar.
Some may be inclined to see this momentary lapse into truth-telling by Fiorina as a positive sign. But I ain’t buying it. Give her another 24-hour news cycle and she will no doubt rattle off at least three more lies and not bother to correct them. The simple fact is that Carly Fiorina lies more than any Republican since Richard Nixon.
How dubious of an honor is that?
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