Clueless Huckabee Asks: What’s The Difference Between Smoking Pot And Denying A Marriage License?

Just when you think Mike Huckabee cannot possibly prove himself to be more clueless and out of touch, he opens his mouth once again and reaches a new low.

During an interview with a TV station in Iowa over the weekend, Huck declared that he sees no difference at all between some states ignoring federal laws against marijuana and someone like Kim Davis refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Really, Mike? You can’t see how that’s different? Then allow me to explain: States allowing people to use pot are expanding rights, whereas a bigot like Kim Davis is denying people the rights they are entitled to.

Huckabee’s comments began when a reporter asked him about the reform of marijuana laws and criminal justice reform in the United States. Would that be something that the former Governor of Arkansas would consider as President? To which Huckabee replied:

“Well, I think we need to recognize that marijuana has never made anybody a better citizen. Does it make you a better worker? Does it make you a better mom or dad? A better citizen? Does it make you a more attentive driver? If there’s a benefit to it, and there may be medically. If your doctor prescribes certain uses of it, then I’m open to that.”

The GOP Presidential candidate then said he had a question for the reporter. And it was the kind of question which conclusively proves why Huckabee will never be President of the United States:

“Let me ask you this. How come it’s that liberals are okay with not keeping the federal law when it comes to the marijuana laws and it’s okay for the states to ignore it, but if it comes to a county clerk in Kentucky who doesn’t believe that she can abide by a federal court ruling — not even a law — then she goes to jail? Do you see where conservatives sometimes their heads explode because they say, ‘Boy, there’s one set of rules for people on the left and a total different set of rules for people on the right?’”

Mike, apparently the campaign has warped your fragile mind. Time for you to call it quits and seek medical attention. Perhaps it’s time for you to consider a trip to Colorado for a few tokes of the medicinal herb. Smoking pot can only help.

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