CNN Host Destroys Trump’s Claim That Hillary Is Playing ‘The Woman Card’ (Video)

In recent weeks, current GOP frontrunner Donald Trump has begun complaining–even whining–that Hillary Clinton is playing “the woman card” because she has talked about sexism in America while she campaigns for the Democratic nomination. Trump even said over the weekend that he had the right to attack former President Bill Clinton due to the fact that Hillary was “mentioning sexism.”

On Monday, during a discussion on CNN, Trump supporter and sycophant Jeffrey Lord told host Michaela Pereira that some women had been “bullied by Hillary,” and added:

“So yes, in fact, the issue is really Hillary Clinton and her treatment of women.”

To which Pereira countered:

“Trump also accused Clinton of using the so-called women’s card. I wasn’t issued one of those apparently. Why is mentioning the possibility of sexism on the campaign trail tantamount to Clinton calling the gender card?”

Lord replied:

“She is going to play this card. It’s an obvious card to play, let’s be candid.”

But Pereira was ready for Lord, and told him:

“Is it? Is it a card? She is a woman, it’s not really a card.”

Lord began to stutter and finally managed to blurt out:

“Right, she is a woman. I mean, she is the woman going around saying isn’t it time for a woman president.”

Pereira said exactly what she should have said, and spoke for many of us when she noted:

“A lot of people would say amen to that.”

Lord then tried to recover with this:

“Well, okay, that’s the woman card right there.”

That’s the woman card? No, that’s the “it’s about time” card. And it sure as hell beats the racist/xenophobic/sexist/insulter-in-chief card that Donald Trump has been playing since he announced his candidacy.

Watch the Exchange 

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