Conservative Columnist: In 100 Years Trump Will Be Known As ‘Biggest Loser In American Politics’

You could quite fairly call this the “Week From Hell” for Donald Trump in his quest for the 2016 Republican nomination. Consider:

  • Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, was arrested and charged with battery against a female reporter
  • During an MSNBC town hall, Trump said women who have abortions should be punished
  • During that same town hall, Trump would not rule out using nuclear weapons in Europe or the Middle East

And now today, on “Meet the Press,” conservative columnist David Brooks took a two-by-four to the Donald and verbally whacked him upside his head as if he were a hamster-headed pinata. Brooks said this week proved that Trump and his supporters are headed for a big fall:

“All these people keep waiting for him, ‘When is he going to turn into a philosopher king? It’s time he should become Abraham Lincoln. He’s Donald Trump. You know, he’s – you know, it’s all aggression, it’s all ignorance, it’s all the time.”

Brooks also took a swipe at RNC Chairman Reince Priebus:

“The people in the Republican Party are not going to stop him. Look at that Reince Priebus’ interview today. Like, the week that we had with Donald Trump, — he’s a catastrophe of the party. Priebus is off in la-la land, talking about technical stuff, and not really seizing the mantle.”

Finally, Brooks sounded the death knell for Trump should he happen to win the GOP nomination, and it was not pretty:

“I think it’s likely to be Trump. I think he’s the walking dead. I think he’ll get the nomination and he will just go down to a crushing defeat. And will be known for a hundred years from now, people will say, ‘Who’s the biggest loser in American politics?’ And it won’t be McGovern, it won’t be Dukakis, the word ‘Trump.’ And I hope when he’s down there in Hades he’s aware of all that.”

Damn, David! Tell us how you really feel!

Here’s the segment from “Meet the Press” if you’re in the mood for a good celebratory laugh:

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