Don Jr. Gets Completely Humiliated When He Attempts To Make Fun Of Joe Biden

Donald Trump Jr. desperately wants to be relevant, especially now that the 2020 election is underway. That may have something to do with a fear that once his daddy is out of office he’ll immediately be indicted and arrested for numerous federal crimes, but it’s a lot more likely that he just wants to suck up to his father in a pathetic attempt to curry favor with the old man.

Take, for example, a tweet sent out by Traitor Tot recently, shortly after the Democratic debate in Las Vegas, Nevada, in which he tried to suggest that former Vice President Joe Biden wasn’t mentally fit to be president:

While it’s true that, as the old saying goes, All’s fair in love and war (not to mention presidential politics), for Junior to even attempt to suggest that someone’s mental health isn’t adequate for the job of head of state is nothing short of rank hypocrisy (and the height of irony) when you consider that President Trump sends out bizarre tweets — remember “covfefe”? — and often mangles his words when speaking. Some medical professionals have even watched video of the current president and suggested it looks as if he’s had a series of transient ischemic attacks (TIAs), which are also known as mini-strokes and may also lead to mental impairment and dementia.

So the question for Don Jr. is this: You really want to go down this road, dude? And that’s exactly what others on Twitter quickly told Donnie Part II:

But the best response came from former “Apprentice” staffer Noel Casler:

As you’d expect, Junior has yet to respond to Casler, and it’s a fair bet that he won’t. He’s probably far too busy changing his father’s diaper in yet another attempt to be papa’s favorite, which he never has been and never will be.

Don’t believe it? Just ask Ivanka.

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