Enraged Attendees Of Pro-Trump Political Rally Urge The Crowd To Prepare For ‘Civil War’

Those who fervently support Donald Trump are not your usual political backers. They tend to be fanatical, fond of conspiracy theories, and fearful that the end is near.

A pro-Trump rally in Wilmar, Minnesota, which attracted about 200 people provided ample evidence of just how far out of the mainstream the average Trumpkin is.

At the “We Have Your Back” rally, organizer Ron Brantsner urged the crowd to only vote for Republicans who will agree to assist Trump when they arrive in Congress:

“Get the Republican Party back on its feet again. We can’t let our guard down. We won the battle, but not the war.”

Notice the militancy in Branstner’s words? That’s also common when the gun-toting Trump faithful gather to hold up their armaments and proclaim their undying devotion to the Second Amendment.

Republican State Representative Tim Miller then got up and started in on talk of a civil war in the United States:

“We are entering a time of civil war. We must stay engaged. Government doesn’t create prosperity, the people do. God, in his grace, has given us another chance.”

Since when is God fond of ignorant warmongers who try to use his name to justify their hateful actions? Apparently, Miller and his fellow Trump acolytes have never actually bothered to read the New Testament or the teachings of Jesus.

Another of the event organizers, Bob Enos, extolled the virtues of rural America, which he said had helped elected the Liar-in-Chief:

“Seventy percent of rural America voted for Donald J. Trump. If that isn’t a mandate I don’t know what is. He won, get over it.”

Oh, he won all right. He won with almost 3 million fewer votes than his competitor and lots of help from the Russians. Enos failed to mention that. Which raises the question: Is it a legitimate win if you cheat and get help from one of the greatest enemies this country faces? Or should you be indicted, tried, and convicted of treason?

The Trump tribe has a selective view of history and politics. And calling for civil war isn’t helpful to anyone except the wannabe fascist in the Oval Office.

37 thoughts on “Enraged Attendees Of Pro-Trump Political Rally Urge The Crowd To Prepare For ‘Civil War’

  1. Outstanding article, w/ one exception. Your rhetorical questions, “Is it a legitimate win if you cheat and get help from one of the greatest enemies this country faces?” and “Or should you be indicted, tried, and convicted of treason?”, should have clearly & decisively been answered “no” & “yes”, respectively, in your article. Indeed, these matters are so clear that these should not be viewed as legitimate questions at all; however, I think I know why you raise them rhetorically and why also you didn’t answer them for us. God bless you, fellow patriot; let’s pray, hope and act like our citizenry will overcome this self-inflicted fascist wound/cancer, with the help of more brave Voices like yours.

    • there is no need for a civil war, what you should do is start preparing to bury your loved ones and leave and a prepaid funeral for your selves. soon people will start dropping dead, Sad. this will be interesting!!

  2. Do these people know that the US Armed Services has some of the most, if not the most, sophisticated weapons in the world? And since service members swear to uphold THE CONSTITUTION of the United States, NOT the PRESIDENT, that a civil war would be short lived?

    Perhaps not.

    • They are also obliged to support their” Commander and Chief” no matter if he is a nut case. And, traditionally, the “military industrial (read that corporate) complex ” is Republican loyal, though, thankfully not entirely loyal, to the Republican Party. There will doubtlessly be military a split if it comes to reprising Civil War. Short lived? I am afraid that war simply never ended as long as one “Supremacist” lives. I saw things when my then husband was stationed in the south back in the ’60s that make my blood freeze solid listening to white supremacist language coming from the mouth of a sitting President. As a naive white in the ’60s south, the experience will never leave me, and I will never stand silent hearing that ignorant white supremacist hatred spoken aloud.

      • Let the little tRump ass hole’s have their civil war as an American i know that they will be outnumbered by some crazy #’s like 100,000 to 1 maybe higher so bring it on fools The only reason they have his back is so when it s time to haul ass they will be in front.

      • If they do try to use guns to fight FOR their dictator, the majority will rise against them in their place. The Constitution is what our military fights for. When a leader puts himself above the law,
        and acts like a tyrant, or not a servant of the people and the
        Constitution, he must be removed by any legal means, including
        police swat teams. Trump’s speech; encouraging civil war,
        is treasonous. If he needs to encourage civil war, suppresses liberal protests, jails journalists, and attacks a free press, he is not
        representing our Constitutional Republic.
        Another area of treason is the network of pro-fascist organizing and funding is the Koch organization. Their funding elections at all levels, including Trump’s has been treasonous.
        Attempting to create a fascist coup of the United States government is a crime against the Constitution and the rule of law. The Kochs, whose father ran Hitler’s oil refineries, and who were raised by a Nazi nanny, are not loyal to this country as a democratic republic. They have plans to rewrite the Constitution. They supported Trump
        during the election.

      • I see this and it makes me want to puke!!!! I pray to God that those flags people are flying didn’t come out of the Willmar V.F.W. for that was my first club when I got out of the service. If civil war comes so be it! It’s God’s way of thining out the Trump herd…. Gosh I bet there was 500,000 people at that meeting!!! Dumbasses!!!

      • The military personnel are not required to blindly follow the POTUS’s orders. There are lawful orders and there are unlawful orders and any order that violates the Constitution is an unlawful order.

    • They are obliged to support a legal order, not a presidential order. but if they want a civil war I will remind them that the last one did not go well for them, and this time we will be using scorched earth policy..

    • Okay, let me explain a few things to you, even though you seem to think that being a, “dependent spouse” is EXACTLY like being in the actual military (hint: it’s not. You don’t get to use his rank, you don’t get to tout knowing UCMJ or the Constitution by magical osmossis).
      First: that’s, “Commander IN Chief”, not, “Commander and Chief”. This is not a football team, and we’re not playing, “Cowboys ‘n Indians”. It’s the military. The military has a shit ton of, “Commanders”. Company Commanders, Battalion Commanders, Group Commanders, Vessel Commanders… That title is not a, “rank”. It’s a title. It diffetentiates the POTUS as, not only a civilian, but the guy running ALL of the different Command echelons. ‘Kay? You still with me?
      Second, NO, we are NOT obligated to support the CIC. We are obligated to defend the Constitution, from enemies foreign and domestic. THAT is our first directive. If the orders of the CIC are countrary to the Constitution, that makes them, “illegal orders”, which makes then, the CIC a bona fide, “domestic enemy”. We swear to protect the Constitution. NOT the POTUS, for this exact situation.
      You do not have an automatic understanding of our duties, just because your “…husband was in the military”.

    • NO they are NOT supposed to support him when the Constitution comes first. Simple as that. IF we do end up in a civil war our country is finished. IF we see these Trumpanzees start killing their fellow citizens because their Orange Messiah was caught breaking the law AND THEY DON’T CARE, then there is a problem. And the best thing would be for the Orange One to resign and tell them the truth. HE IS A CROOK.

  3. These people represent the biggest domestic threat to our Nation’s National Security. These people are stupid, they believe in half-baked conspiracy theories, and they feel entitled (White Privilege) to act out on their emotions, without any concern to the fact they are a statistical minority of extremist conservative Republicans. I’m afraid our Attorney General Jeff Sessions will end up going soft on these thugs instead of taking preventive measures to monitor their actions and be ready to arrest and charge those who take the law into their own hands. They may think it’s a Civil War. It’s just criminal terrorism.

    • Attoney Gral. is one of them… he will do nothing, like he is doing with everything else. Some of these jobs should NOT be political and bias.

      • I can’t wait for these scum to start firing on their own flag and armed forces and watch them get shot to tiny f*cking pieces by the legitimate armed forces , protecting our constitution. May they follow Ttump to hell , and RIGHT SOON !

  4. Be careful what you wish for, insentient fascist swine! I see tax paying churches, enforced hate laws, a war on fundamentalism, and the rise of responsible and MILITANT liberalism at the end of your stupid protest celebrating humanities WORST and the worst in humanity! You pribbling ill-natured maltworms always bring out the best in us! That’s the history! POSTED!

  5. The entire administration is corrupt. They run the government like a dictatorship, and like a dictatorship uses violence as a tool.

  6. The phrase that describes the President’s military duties is “Commander-IN-Chief,” NOT “Commander-AND-Chief.” Read the Constitution, you morons.

  7. Do these fools know that the US pays about 50% Of the total defense of NATO allayed nations ?, yes, that is , the other countries pay the other 50% combined, and this delusional idiot in the WH wants us to pay more, we already have the most sophisticated weaponry in the world, when is it enough ?.

  8. Ignorant rabble of inbred meth-heads with bad teeth and mail-order ARs up against the highly trained and equipped professional soldiers of the National Guard? Bring it on — will raise the national average I.Q. substantially and we’ll finally be able to get some civilized laws passed.

  9. Hahahaha a mandate. They have no idea what that means. They think the sun revolves around them. “Seventy percent of rural America voted for Donald J. Trump. If that isn’t a mandate I don’t know what is. He won, get over it.””. I hope they start something so our military can come in and wipe them off the face of the earth. All 70% of them. Idiots who talk out of their butt should shut up.

  10. 45 fanatics are ineducable . They are crazy, stupid and literally damned, and they make up a very small minority of the voting public. We should not waste a single minute on them, and that includes physical violence, arguing or attempting to get them to change what passes for their minds. Instead, the fully 75% of US who oppose 45 should ignore them and put all our efforts into joining forces and saving our nation.

  11. Radicalization… the process of becoming a warrior for a radical cause. Often times the process starts when young or otherwise impressionable people visit chat rooms and internet groups who support the violent “resistance” philosophy. We should put all our efforts into joining forces and saving our nation. I worry about you people. Move to Canada and get a life there.

  12. I have always been a pacifist. But if some of Trumps simple minded followers decide they want a civil war, then I am going to have to put that belief aside for awhile.

  13. STOP with this stupid “Trump lost by three million votes. HE DID NOT!

    The Tangerine Twatwaffle actually lost by MORE THAN 11 MILLION VOTES!!!

    The Tangerine Twatwaffle: 62,979,954
    Hillary Clinton: 65,844,954 (Isn’t that nearly THREE MILLION MORE than Donnie Got?)
    Gary Johnson: 4,488,919
    Jill Stein: 1,457,044
    Evan McMullin (Independent): 725,902
    Write-ins: 1,103,554
    Other: 453,664

    Total voting against Trump: 74,074,037 OR another way he actually lost by 11,094,158 votes!

  14. “God in his grace” has given you another chance to murder your fellow citizens because they insist the president be held to the standard of the law and because YOUR ORANGE MESSIAH IS A CROOK? WTH? Sounds like a Russian agitator.

  15. If the pictures above the headline are indicative of the military abilities of the Trump militia I wouldn’t much worry about their chances of success. I wouldn’t worry about their ability to find the battlefield!

  16. So, how is this “civil war” going to progress? Are they going to knock on doors and ask if you voted for the Crazy-in-Chief and then start a fight? Or is the plan to do what many before them have done during a riot, ruin their own neighborhood rooting and burning down stuff. All can say is whatever! Do it and watch when you are put in jail and I bet my paycheck Trump won’t bail them out.

  17. Don’t you like the photo of the military Platoon and says something about taking up arms in case “drumf” democratically looses, and after the photo of the man in uniform said,
    “The fuck you will”.

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