Ex-McCain Aide Says Trump May Go Insane When He Loses To Hillary

Throughout the 2016 race for the White House, Donald Trump’s sanity (or lack thereof) has been questioned, examined, and debated. Some say he has all the behavioral characteristics of a narcissist. Others have gone further, speculating that Trump is a sociopath. But nearly everyone seems to agree the guy is a few cans short of a six-pack.

Mark Salter worked for the John McCain’s failed 2008 Presidential campaign and has also co-authored his books, and he told Politico:

“He’s just an asshole. I mean, you don’t want a guy like that for a neighbor, for a friend, for a member of your church, for a colleague, for a boss. You wouldn’t want — really, you wouldn’t — you know, if he had a flat tire, you wouldn’t pull over and offer to help.”

Salter also tied his comments to something Trump said about avoiding a venereal disease to Vietnam for more insight into the Donald:

“It just shows you what a vainglorious, foolish, ignorant, low-character, bum of a guy Trump is.”

Asked about how he thinks Trump will fare in a general election contest with Hillary Clinton, Salter said he expects Trump will lose badly, and that could just push him over the edge psychologically:

“He’s going to lose, and I think he’s got kind of an unstable personality to begin with.

“I think he could come apart, you know, in some kind of visible way. I think that’s quite possible. I’m not a psychiatrist, but there is something wrong with [the] guy.”

One thing is certain: Trump hates to lose; hates it so much that he even denies he has ever lost at anything, even though the facts prove he has indeed failed on numerous occasions in his life. And let’s say he does indeed fall far behind in the general election and then lose by a historic margin. You can almost hear him already, blaming others, claiming the election was stolen, and possibly even calling for his supporters to incite violence on his behalf.

Donald Trump is a very dangerous man. This is why it’s up to each of us to make sure he is soundly defeated come November 8.

This article was originally published by the same author at LiberalAmerica.org.

4 thoughts on “Ex-McCain Aide Says Trump May Go Insane When He Loses To Hillary

  1. If only election fraud were NOT real.
    It’s truly to BAD that it is, though. Because Bernie would have smothered Trumo in a real election. But. No worries. Hillarys got this. She has always had it.

  2. I am at a complete loss when I try to understand the actions of Donald Trump. My only hope is that he is just a loose nut, and not part of some goofball master plan.

  3. It’s hard to see what people see in Donald Trump. He’s just a hateful and manipulative little man, and certainly doesn’t understand America.

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