‘Fox & Friends’ Host: Trump’s NFL Comments ‘Made Things Worse’ (VIDEO)

It wasn’t a very good weekend for President Trump. Comments he made Friday at a political rally in Alabama regarding NFL players who kneel during the national anthem set off a firestorm of criticism and led to even more players taking a knee during Sunday’s scheduled games. Despite this, Trump has doubled and tripled down on the issue. Monday morning, he tweeted out this:

What Trump neglects to realize is that no one has to respect anything he says or does because respect must be earned, and he’s done absolutely nothing since he took office to elevate himself in the eyes of anyone but his most fanatical supporters. As for the respecting the flag, let’s not forget that it’s a piece of cloth and the Supreme Court has said a person can burn an American flag under the protections of the First Amendment.

Monday on Trump’s favorite show, Fox & Friends, even co-host Brian Kilmeade had some criticism for the president, saying of Trump:

“He made things immeasurably worse by speaking out. I know what his intention was, but the language used was just galvanizing the wrong direction.”

A shocked Ainsley Earhardt then tried to walk back what Kilmeade had just said, commenting:

“Brian, he is the voice for a lot of people out there. A lot of people agree whim and are scared to give their opinions. I’m not saying I agree with what he is saying, I’m just saying there are a handful of people out there, Brian, who feel like he’s their voice.”

Yeah, Donald Trump is the voice of neo-Nazis, KKKers, and white nationalists, all of whom love to wave the flag and then use it as a blanket for their hatred and calls for violence. Why couldn’t Trump muster the same level of ire after Charlottesville? Is a flag more valuable, more sacred than the life of Heather Hyer?

When Kilmeade asked Earhardt if she actually believed the president’s comments were appropriate, co-host Steve Doocy attempted to play mediator, saying:

“Clearly, what the president did was, and I read this on an op-ed page, President Trump has taken the side of the flag and anthem and provoked millionaire athletes to oppose the symbols of patriotism, like the National Anthem. He made it very clear out at the airport, spoke to the White House poolers, said this is not about race, this is about patriotism.”

It’s not about race? 70 percent of the players in the NFL are African-American. So when Trump says it’s not about race, that’s just another of his endless lies.

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