Fox Guest: Fox News Must ‘Own Up To The Fact’ GOP Promotes Trump’s ‘Douchebaggery’ (Video)

So now the question is finally being asked: Has Donald Trump gone too far by questioning the heroism of Senator John McCain, who was held as a POW nearly six years in the infamously brutal Hanoi Hilton?

In case you missed it, Trump, jerkweed that he is, was, and always will be, said over the weekend:

“He (McCain) was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

Now I’m not here to debate that point or take the Donald on for saying something that asinine and disrespectful of a man who served his nation so honorably in such a controversial war. My colleague, Marty Townsend, has already done so, and there’s no way I can possibly express my outrage any more eloquently than she did.

But I do want to shed some light on what took place earlier on Fox News during a debate on the disgusting remarks of Donald Trump. The two guests analyzing the possible demise of Trump were Daniel Halper, who is the online editor for the right wing propaganda publication the Weekly Standard and progressive contributor Jehmu Greene.

Halper announced that Trump was now finished, his 15 minutes of political fame having run their course:

 “It’s probably the beginning of the end for Donald Trump.”

Halper, ever the eager political hack out to shove a knife in the other side, then tried to redirect the conversation back to the Democratic race for President in 2016. But Greene called him out and slapped him down with this comment:

“I hoped that it was the beginning of the end when he first dipped his toe in the waters. Because this is just a continuation of his douchebaggery and has been accepted for so long that finally they’ve come to their senses because, I guess, he has now finally crossed the line. But he crossed many lines quite some time ago.”

And Ms. Greene was far from finished. With her next statement she managed to point the finger right where it belongs: At the Republican Party that is allowing Trump to run on their side of the ticket:

“What is going on in the Republican Party? What does it take for you all to take your party back from the crazies that have had control of it for about seven years now?”

Ka-boom! GOP, you just got served!

The modern-day Republican Party is an embarrassment to the decent people who once comprised its ranks. They will stoop to any level, including blatant racism and xenophobia, in a desperate attempt to scare their only reliable base of voters: Old, white men who are terrified that their country might actually change for the better.

Trump is a douchebag. End of story. But he is far from the only person of that stripe in the GOP. Until they purge themselves of the cancers they are allowing to fester in their midst, they will never again win another national election, let alone be taken seriously.

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