Hispanic Trump Super Fan May Have Been Contacted By The Donald’s Campaign Staff

No doubt you still recall a moment from earlier this week when a woman stood up at a Donald Trump campaign event in Las Vegas, held up a copy of People magazine with Trump on the cover, and then marched up to the stage to loudly proclaim:

“I’m Hispanic and I vote for Mr. Trump!”

Trump claimed at the time that he had never met the woman, who was later identified as Myriam Witcher, and during an interview on CNN, Witcher seemed to say that she had been contacted by the Trump campaign to show up at the event.

CNN host Brooke Baldwin directly asked Witcher if she had ever met Trump, and her reply was:

“Only in my dreams.”

Ms. Witcher did say, however, that she had written on Trump’s campaign Facebook page on several occasions and said she was a Hispanic voter who was very excited about Trump, and wished to give the Donald a big hug.

So Baldwin asked the obvious follow-up question:

“So did someone from the Trump campaign, Myriam, did they see what you posted on Facebook? Did someone from the campaign reach out to you?”

Witcher said this:

“I guess from the campaign, I guess. I touch my feelings. I go by my heart and I very simply like Mr. Trump. I just said what I feel.”

Ah, the plot thickens. Baldwin then asked:

“I’m just trying to ask did his campaign talk to you ahead of time?”

Which led Witcher to walk her comments back:

“Nobody. It’s not something—I just only talk to God and my computer and my heart. That’s it… Mr. Trump is 100 percent right. He’s our perfect man.”

Taking a close look at some of the other things Ms. Witcher has posted on her Facebook page, it quickly becomes obvious that she has some odd thoughts on her fellow Hispanics–especially singer Ricky Martin–and is also, like Trump, of the opinion that President Obama was not born in America. Consider this post:

“We have illegals and the Mafia team! Hillary, Jeb, Carson, Jorge Ramos, Ricky Martin, Mark Antony, Shakira, Univision, Stop insulting our hard working Americans! Americans want better for themselves and are doing things the right way!!!!!! I love all of you who want better!!! Shame on you Ricky Martin and your MAFIA TEAM! VOTE TRUMP!”

And one other post:

“America! Almost Eight years in still we do not know where Obama was Born?”

Yep, she’s the perfect Trump supporter all right. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame, Myriam!

Watch the Interview For Yourself

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