Idiotic Trumpkin Tells Reporter Sexual Assault Victims Need To ‘Grow A Set’ And ‘Get Over It’ (VIDEO)

Perhaps the most disconcerting development in this year’s race for the White House is how deeply in denial those who support Donald Trump are. No matter what horrific thing the GOP nominee does–admitting he likes to sexually assault women, calling all Mexican immigrants rapists, casting aspersions on the entire Islamic faith–his acolytes only love him more.

CNN reporter Randi Kaye found out just how deluded Trumpkins are when she interviewed some of them in Wisconsin. One woman told Kaye:

“Donald Trump really has the character of God: a loving, caring father. Donald Trump is a man God chose for a time such as this.”

And another defended the deplorable actions and words of Trump with this:

“I think we’ve all fallen short from what God expects.”

But what about those comments Trump made on a hot mic as part of an Access Hollywood story that was being done by Billy Bush? How does that sit with a woman? To that, a female Trump supporter replied:

“Some of that the media has made it be worse than it is. It doesn’t bother me.”

Another woman, who said her name was Carol Robertson, defiantly told Kaye:

“I think those women need to grow a set. You know, it’s been a lot of years. Get over it.”

It’s interesting to note that Robertson didn’t bother to deny the allegations were true. Instead, the women who were harassed or assaulted should buck up and deal with it. Grow a set! Yeah, it’s been a long time, so let it go. You cannot help but wonder if Robertson would be so cavalier in her appraisal of Trump had she–or a female family member–been the victim. Would she urge her own daughter to “grow a pair” if Trump violently raped her the way he allegedly raped numerous underage girls over the years?

Blind allegiance to anything or anyone is dangerous and will ultimately lead to tyranny in one form or another.

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