JUST IN: Widespread Reports In Texas Of Voting Machines Switching Votes From Trump To Rubio

It would appear that some things never change in the state of Texas. It was long suggested that the late President Lyndon B. Johnson won many of his elections in the Lone Star state by “voting the graveyard,” which even earned him the nickname “Landslide Lyndon.” But such nefarious shenanigans don’t happen in this age of electronic voting machines, do they?

Several voters in Austin would beg to differ, and they called into a local radio station to say that their votes for Donald Trump had been changed to Marco Rubio.

Austin radio station KLBJ (oh, the irony in those call letters!) had callers dialing into the “Todd and Don Show” with reports of voting machines incorrectly stating who they had voted for. One of the radio hosts remarked:

“That’s not good. You are the fourth person to call us in the past half hour to say they had that same problem. They voted for Trump but it popped up Rubio or somebody else.

“Something’s fishy. Something is going on strange. It appears it was one in Round Rock, one in Leander, one in Georgetown. So it appears to be a Williamston County problem.”

One caller from Williamson County, Texas, also confirmed that he had experienced problems with his voting machine, recalling:

“When I reviewed my ballot at the end, the person I voted for president was marked differently than how I voted. And I know that when I touched the button that I hit the right button.”

That led one of the radio hosts to speculate:

“If half the people don’t check their ballots, half the people could have the wrong information. That’s not good, that’s not a system that we trust.”

Ah, Texas, what in the world would we do without you? But it does seem odd that the votes were changed to Rubio instead of Ted Cruz. After all, Cruz is a native Texan who represents the state in the United States Senate. Then again, if Cruz truly is as big of a jerk as he’s alleged to be, would it be any surprise that even fellow Texans want to see his Presidential aspirations go down in a fiery heap of smoldering ruins?

Here’s some audio from the “Todd and Don Show”

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  1. They need to contact the state, ACLU, etc. TX S.O.S. (800)252-8683. ACLU TX (512)478-7300; ACLU voter protection (877)523-2792. Election protection (866)OUR-VOTE. U.S. D.O. J. (800)253-3931.

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