Lindsey Graham Begs Voters To ‘Stand With’ Him In November And Gets Brutally Mocked

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is on the verge of seeing his political career come to a premature end, especially since the object of his most fervent devotion, Donald Trump, looks like he may well be headed for the scrap heap when the votes are counted in November.

But despite this, Graham is desperately trying to put the proverbial happy face on his reelection effort, even going so far as to formally announce on recently that he had filed the paperwork required to serve another six-year term as the senior senator from the the Palmetto State:

Hooray! One of the biggest Trump lapdogs in the entire Senate is running so he can kiss Trump’s fat ass without interruption.

Things aren’t looking too rosy for Lindsey, with polls showing him holding only a slim two-point lead over his Democratic challenger, Jaime Harrison, the former chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party who is raising a ton of money and also has powerful Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) on his side. Some polls even show Harrison leading the incumbent.

But more troubling for Sen. Graham is the response he received on Twitter to the video he posted. Based on the majority of the comments, Lindsey should be very worried about his future in the U.S. Congress:

Looks like you might want to consider getting a head start on packing up the shit in your office, Lindsey. Hopefully you’re going to be sent into early retirement in a few months.

Good riddance to bad trash!

6 thoughts on “Lindsey Graham Begs Voters To ‘Stand With’ Him In November And Gets Brutally Mocked

  1. lindsey graham**seriously ill**suffering from two or three-faced whiplash, serious major operation needed immediately to remove his faces [heads] from “he whose name and memory shall be forgotten”‘s ass, mental ‘confusion’ ….blah, blah and on and on. let’s just block him. he’s shown who he is not. he is useless and passe’ his day is over and the best is yet to come.

  2. Just checked who is behind the pac money that is airing BS ads about Jamie Harrison….and Sheldon Adelson, the Las Vegas Casino owner ponied up $500K and his wife also kicked in $500K…..another reason to get rid of crazy Graham…..

  3. I can only hope this is true and we will finally retire Lindsay. He lost his souls when his friend and fellow Senator McCain passed away. Since then he decided to go blind to the criminal activities of Trump.

  4. You sold your sole to keep republicans in control of the senate! I used to be a republican voter until you stole the election using fraud! You sold your sole using Trump as your leader! You sole yourself Lindsey because you are afraid of a Democratic leader. You voted for violence, white power, poverty, The Wall, Illegal immigration to get rid of all our farmers. Yes Lindsey you own it, McConnel Owns it, Trump owns it! I don’t give a shit what people think about what I have to say! I just said it

  5. Soon to pay the piper Graham! Did you forgot that one day you would have to answer for your snake oil superstar trump… Hope they check every bit of paperwork on the gangsters like you on that GOP liars and thieves. Most insincere clowns ever in power.

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