Lindsey Graham Says Unemployment Benefits Need To Be Cut Or People Will Refuse To Work

In the middle of an economic slowdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) says unemployment benefits need to be cut because they’re a disincentive to people looking for work.

During an appearance on Fox News, Graham remarked:

“Here’s the problem. The unemployment benefits in South Carolina are $23/hour to be unemployed. You’ve got a lot of small businesses trying to keep their employees on the payroll paying $16 and $17/hour. One program is undercutting the other.

“We’ve got to get that fixed.”

While he was near a TV camera and on Donald Trump’s favorite network, Graham also took the time to lavish praise on the president, gushing:

“People are dying right now and this president is doing everything humanly possible to work with anybody that will work with him. Do you know when impeachment ended? February 6th we voted to acquit the president and Democratic leaders who are criticizing the president now wanted to extend the trial for weeks to call more witnesses.

“You’ve got to remember the Democratic Party on February 6th was asking the Senate to stay in session to get more witnesses! These are the people who are criticizing him.”

Yeah, but Trump was warned about the danger of coronavirus long before February and did nothing, Lindsey. All the whining in the world won’t change that.

As for cutting unemployment benefits, here’s a suggestion: Let’s cut Lindsey back to minimum wage and see how he likes it.

One thought on “Lindsey Graham Says Unemployment Benefits Need To Be Cut Or People Will Refuse To Work

  1. Where has Graham been hiding? He thinks he is a super bowl athlete. How much more do the public need to be ridiculed, punished threatened and gutted by this outfit of Gangster thugs pedophile deviates and obvious morons. Who couldn’t care how many are dead and dying in USA… We in the free world are amazed at how Fox even if they think Trump is the greatest bred HORROR KING in the living world allow such interviews to go unchallenged. The real professionals in the REAL MEDIA experience attacks and rages of ugliness from King Sleaze daily. How can decent people in the Republicans of old allow this mobster attitude too continue to invade the walls of the White House? Placing the greatest Country in the World too so much ridicule from these characters out of the tombs of the Sucked of Love compassion and for humanity itself in order to Keep such a thug in power? Who is really behind this Trump Organization. Is it Russia or is it The Mobsters of Russian? I have lived quite long enough on this earth to see a rouge, a criminal, men and women of dishonor that always sell their souls. But watching this happening in such power daily is pretty darned hard to swallow daily… Our planet is on a course of destruction from within and without. We need REAL HONEST LEADERSHIP not this paste on what you like trumpsville and his hordes of thieves. Try something like holding Senators more responsible for the lack of demonstrating the Oath to the People This is who they are suppose to be serving surely. Not sucking up to ensure Trump is keep basking in the Evil he emits from his ego and his lusts….

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