NYC Chick-Fil-A Shut Down For Flies In Food–Conservatives Scream Religious Persecution

The only Chick-Fil-A restaurant New York City was abruptly shut down on December 30 when incredibly unsanitary conditions were discovered during two health inspections. Some of the violations discovered by the inspectors included flies around and in the food!

One New York City resident even tweeted out news of the closure, along with a list of the health violations (shown in red) the restaurant was cited and closed for:

Good thing they shut the place down before anyone got sick, huh? But the right-wing nutjobs smelled something other than the bad food at the NYC Chick-Fil-A. It must be a conspiracy aimed at Chick-Fil-A because the corporation is owned by a family of devout Christians! Here’s a sampling of what showed up on social media:

Then there was an attempt to blame Muslims:

Others took to the website Twitchy and demonstrated their ignorance and intolerance:

  • “I suspect that if it had been Hakim’s Halal Sandwich Shop, they could have had the meats at room temp and been using the same rags for 3 days and passed.”
  • “Those standards need to be applied to Planned Parenthood.
    *cue whining & crying about not being able to kill your child in whatever filthy conditions you want.”
  • “Flying or posting the gay rainbow flag would end all NYC Health Department Inspections and probably garner a visit from the Mayor.”

To all of those who see a conspiracy behind closing a fly-infested restaurant, I have this advice: If you want to eat filthy food so damn bad, there are thousands of trash dumpsters around the city. Dive on in, grab a handful, and start chewing.

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One thought on “NYC Chick-Fil-A Shut Down For Flies In Food–Conservatives Scream Religious Persecution

  1. JEESH!!! More Right Wing Ultra Conservative Religious Whack Jobs!!! They should try ACTUALLY practicing the Teachings of JESUS> They are a disgrace and embarrassment to all TRUE Christians.

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