Palin Flops–Trump Voters Totally Unimpressed With The Half-Term Governor

The early results from the campaign trail where Sarah Palin is stumping for Donald Trump are in, and that mavericky-bizzaro talking–nonsense kinda thing ain’t working well at all among the Trump faithful.

Perhaps a Reuters reporter put it best with this snapshot of the first few days on the hustings with Palin:

“When it comes to influencing the 2016 U.S. presidential race, Sarah Palin’s star power is turning out to be dimmer than expected.

“‘They’re going to have to do an image remake of her,’ said Joani Estes, 56, of Indianola, Iowa. Estes said her Pentecostal Christian faith made her feel aligned with Palin, but it did not make her feel any more strongly about Trump. She liked him, she said, and was likely going to caucus for him during the state’s nominating contest on Feb. 1 – but she was also keeping the door open for his closest rival, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas.”

Not only is Palin’s star power dimmer than expected, but so is what little intelligence she has, as she continues to talk in mangled English that makes sense only to those fortunate enough to have the required decoder ring.

Politico was also critical of Palin, noting:

“‘The endorsement gave Trump a lot of free press,'” said one Iowa GOP insider, “‘but Sarah Palin’s star power with Iowa conservatives faded a long time ago.’

“The drop off in enthusiasm was noticeable to anyone who watched Palin’s first two rallies with Trump. The crowd just wasn’t all that into Palin. As is typical during the modern Palin performance, the audience starts off hot for her, but by the middle of her remarks, her fragmented rambling loses even her most excited supporters.”

It takes them that long to realize this woman has nothing to say? Wow, the Trump crowds really are dumber than the majority of voters, who tuned out the half-term quitter years ago.

I suppose we should have seen this axis of lunatics–Palin and Trump–as far back as last year, when she interviewed the Hamster Headed One for one of her shows. This is painful, but worth watching if only for its comedic value.

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One thought on “Palin Flops–Trump Voters Totally Unimpressed With The Half-Term Governor

  1. Yes, no one is fooled by Sarah Palin 2.0 this time either, and offering her any kind of support simply justifies just how dumb Trump supporters really are…..

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